When Past Comes to Present

When Past Comes to Present - R.G. Green Ok, to begin with I got this book mixed up with another one before I even started reading it, but that doesn't mean I was opposed to this book I bought it, so I obviously wanted to read it and at the beginning everything seemed ok...sssssooooooooooo where did things go wrong? To be honest I'm not really sure, it was a slow subtle thing and after finishing the book at nearly midnight last night and feeling somehow cheated...I decided to sleep on it and...I did that is until 6:30 a.m., not a horrendously ungodly hour given that I normally get up at 7 a.m. but still I really would have liked that extra half hour (ok taking a quick break here to pour coffee so I can keep myself on track (back in a sec)...now that I have my lovely caffeine back to the book...So at 6:30 as I was ruminating over When Past Comes to Present it finally hit what happened, why things didn't go well for me. It's simple really, it comes down to one thing and that is the fact that "The devil is in the details" unfortunately for me that was where this book missed the mark the small details kept snagging me and dragging my attention away from the big picture.I wanted to like the main characters, I tried. I think I came close with Sean, but I just couldn't figure out why someone who was as well put together as Sean would be insecure about an exboyfriend especially after having been assured that he was indeed an EX! I mean come on intelligent, self sufficient, educated (BSCW? Bachelor of Science in Construction Work? Is that even a legit degree? See details. Ok, so I just googled this and the only thing that google knows about this acronym is in regards to a computer software pkg, but hey this is fiction I can deal)anyways as if brains, being self sufficient and having what seems like a good personality isn't enough Sean is hot and I mean droolworthy hot. So what's a guy got to worry about? Apparently the only thing that the ex has that he doesn't is money and lets face it if Tyler still wanted money he'd be with the ex, I think even Sean gets that concept. So I didn't get that the ex was even a blip on Sean's radar, but there he was a blip on Sean's radar, still no biggie.Then we have Tyler keeping letters from the ex that at one point it indicated he'd forgotten about them, but how? They were in the same box as some photos of him and Sean. Again details small details that for me seemed to infringe on the believability of the overall story.Next we have Mark, Tyler's partner in the P.I. biz. Divorced because his wife was cheating on him, no children and did I mention the wife was cheating. Yet it seems that Tyler is the one paying through the nose for this and very complacently, I might add. Isn't this the 21st Century? Can we get Mark a better lawyer and take this back to court, because I really thinking there's something wrong here. I know I'm Canadian and there are differences in the legal system but unless the wife is somehow related to the judge why isn't she supporting herself? Sorry, seen it done it and been there and got the T shirt and there was no judge making my ex pay me shitloads of money just because we made the mistake of getting married and I wasn't the one cheating...just putting that out there for Mark to consider. I'm not sure if this was suppose to make the reader feel sympathy for him or what? I just wanted to give him a shake, find him a better lawyer and tell his bitch of an ex to get off her ass (or possibly back in her case) and go to work. Hey maybe I liked Mark? I'll ponder that.Last but not least we have the bad guy, actually there were two villains in this book one was actually a bad guy (wanted revenge on Tyler for the role he played in sending him to prison), the majority of the book went back and forth between his perspective and Tyler's. This was a little disconcerting at times. He seemed to feel that he was so smart, but somehow he just came off a pitiful (in a sick and twisted way). Then there was the witch (feel free to replace the 'w' with a 'b') from the newspaper, I really wanted to slap her. She gives women and reporters a bad name without even trying, no redeeming qualities here folks. I know she was suppose to be all hardcore newsperson, but whenever her character showed up I was reminded of a fly, she just hummed and buzzed around annoyingly. Tyler took a couple of swats at her and she flew away. I kept hoping Tyler would just get out a big, ole fly swatter and be done with her...but alas I was disappointed.See what I mean details, for me the devil was in the details on this one and I was left with a story that had promise but I just couldn't quite get into.Will I read this author again? Yeah, I probably will give her another try at least one more because somewhere in spite of the fact that the small details kept this story from working for me, I think there was strong potential and it could have been so much worse than it was. Also I'm willing to accept that part of the problem might have been me, that my mindset was locked into finding and picking apart those small details so one day a few books down the road from now, I'll go shopping for something else by R.G. Green and give her another try. If that works out than I'll either give this book another try and rethink things or decide it was a one off and forget about it.So that's my morning ramble on the subject of this book, I'm off to get more coffee. Happy reading.