The series continues with a little sidestep for some sweet romance....

Snow in Montana - RJ Scott

‘Snow in Montana’ brings back to not just the ‘Crooked Tree Ranch’ but we get more about someone who’s been floating around on the fringes if previous stories…Sheriff Ryan Carter. I have to admit I haven’t really been overly intrigued by Ryan but ‘Surprise, surprise!!!’ that’s what happened here. Ryan went from a secondary character who’s a friend to the families at ‘Crooked Tree Ranch’ to a fully fleshed out person for me and damned if I don’t really, really like him and I loved the story that he got.


We were introduced to Ryan’s brothers…the oldest owns the local bar, ones a firefighter and another one’s an accountant…I think…yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s a number cruncher. I really enjoyed Ryan’s interactions with his brothers and when he does some security advising for a file that’s being shot at Crooked Tree Ranch his world gets thrown into chaos pretty much from the minute that he meets the films star one Jordan Darby and for whatever worked or didn’t with this one I just really, really enjoyed the whole relationship between Jordan and Ryan. It was fun and sweet…generally just adorable.


Interspersed with Ryan and Jordan’s story we also given more about Adam and Justin as Adam begins to recover what he thinks are lost memories amidst the turmoil and confusion of trying to figure out just how real some of his memories are relationships are tested…Adam & Justin’s friendship, Justin & Sam’s love…which I’m happy to say is rock solid, but as Adam tries to figure things out Ethan and Justin begin to feel the strain as brothers and Ethan’s torn Justin’s his brother but Adam’s the man he wants to share his forever with. I loved the ending for this one it’s not hearts and rainbows all tied up with a bow but it’s a group of men who have been through hell and back and while they may not know all the answers what they do know is they’ve got each other’s backs…no matter what they’re family.


I’ve really been loving this series so far and I know there’s at least one more book to come and I for one am so looking forward to it. I don’t know who’s story comes next but I have little doubt that like the previous books we’ll at least get a peek at how everyone’s doing and maybe if we’re lucky at least one of the MC’s will be Ryan’s oldest brother…I admit he intrigued me and I’d love his story if not the next book something soon…I’ll just cross my fingers and hope in the meantime.