Before I get into the actual review can I just say…

The Dragon's Thief - Riza Curtis

look at that freakin’ cover…I love it…such a beautiful dragon and I love…LOVE!!! Dragons!


Now on to the actual story…Chester is a renowned thief and Magpie shifter and actually he’s pretty adorable I really liked Chester and he really does know that you don’t mess with a dragon’s hoard…nope, nope, nope that’s just cray, cray. The problem is that when the dragon’s as attractive as Michal…it’s hard to let your common sense rule the day.

Michal is a dragon-shifter and a first-born son and someone has messed with his hoard and not just any someone…nope, nope, nope this is a someone that’s known to Michal and thanks to family politics Michal can’t do a thing about it except hire a sexy little magpie to get what’s his back.


First things first there was really only one thing that bothered me about this story…it was TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!! Not that the story wasn’t complete or that I felt cheated no it was more like I was loving it and Chester and Michal and all the things about this one.


At all of 65 pages packing a complete story that was filled out with depth to the characters and a story that felt complete the author had a big undertaking because this is something that can either work or go horribly wrong if it’s not done right and as my first time reading this author I was pleasantly delighted with the story I got to read.


I loved seeing Michal so confident and sure of his place in the world until he’s faced with the realization that he wants Chester more than he wants the return of what was taken from his hoard and he’s faced with insecurities and Chester as he realizes that Michal’s so much more than a job and I loved Chester and Michal together. These boys were hot, not that there was a lot of sex in this one but what was there was well done and strategically utilized to emphasis the attraction between Michal and Chester.


There were also some secondary characters that we got to meet in this story and while the author gave us enough information to add depth and dimension to things, I would have loved more about Chester’s friends and Michal’s father and brother.


While this story worked for me as it was if it had been a bit longer than the 65 pages on my Kobo, I’m pretty sure there would have been 5 flowers (stars) on this review. Riza Curtis is a new to me author and for a first read I found this story to be absolutely delightful and if the author decides to grace us with more…more Chester and Michal…oh be still my heart! I’m there so totally there.




An ARC of ‘The Dragon’s Thief’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.