Seems I’m on a roll here…

The Eagle and The Fox - Nya Rawlyns, Nick J. Russo

Or at least it feels like it when it comes to romantic/thriller/mystery type books. ‘The Eagle and the Fox’ is the first book in Nya Rawlyns ‘Snowy Range Mystery’ series and I absolutely loved this one. Josiah Foxglove is a veteran of the Gulf War and he’s returned to his family’s spread to help out and to let himself heal in both body and spirit.


After 3 years Marcus Colton is still grieving the loss of his best-friend and lover. He’s lonely and his only solace is his store but needless to say a store doesn’t do much to keep you company much less keep you warm at night.


When violence strikes the community of Centurion, Wy. and events bring Josiah and Marcus together to keep their community and one sweet girl safe. As frequently can happens in a small community, suspicion turns to the stranger in town…Kit Golden Eagle. But as things continue to happen Josiah and Marcus find that 2 + 2 doesn’t always equal 4.


As soon as I pressed the play button on this one I was hard pressed to stop. I love a story with mature MCs and Josiah and Marcus’s interactions were so sweet and adorable awkward at times. Both men wanting to take those steps towards each other while afraid to do it at the same time. But both men finding the courage from time to time to put themselves out there.


There were some secondary characters as well that I really liked Josiah’s sister, Becca was a wonderful, strong and loyal sister who was a rock for both Josiah and Marcus when they needed one and then there was Petaloon…or Pet as she was affectionately called by some of the community. Pet was a sweetheart. Marcus hired Pet to work at his story when her mother basically tried to ‘whore’ her out to him, telling him that if he hired Pet to work for him…she’d do ‘anything’ he wanted her to do…’anything’ and that was when Marcus hired her so that her mother wouldn’t make the same offer to someone less scrupulous. In short Marcus is a good man and he’s determined to protect Pet as much as can and Josiah’s determined to help him but what neither man realizes is that there’s someone else who’s determined to keep Pet safe and it’s not her mother…bet you’re surprised by that one…NOT!


I really liked the plot on this one. It’s definitely more complex than what I’m outlining here but if you want all the ins and outs and plot twist you’re going to have to do like me and read or listen to the story. There’s a definite romance developing between Marcus and Josiah, it’s a slow burn but one that’s worth taking the time to enjoy.


By the end of the story the romance between Marcus and Josiah was definitely solidifying and events from this story were pretty well wrapped up, it definitely didn’t feel like a cliffy and when I went to to do a little investigating what I found was 2 more audio books in this series each with a different set of MCs but happily enough the same narrator…Nick J. Russo.


I know that anyone who knows me…knows that this person is absolutely one of my favorite narrators and I can’t wait to listen to the next couple of books in this series now that I know who the narrator is as if having a really well told story wasn’t enough, but even if audio’s not your thing this story is solid enough to hold the interest of anyone who’s a fan of mature MCs and a solid romantic/thriller.


This one is definitely recommended.




An audio book of ‘The Eagle and the Fox’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.