5 stars for 4 Kings...

Love In Spades - Charlie Cochet, Greg Boudreaux

‘Love in Spades’ is the first book in Charlie Cochet’s new series ‘Four Kings Security’ and seriously what was I thinking when I decided that I was going to take a pass on this series? Don’t get me wrong my decision had nothing to do with the author or even the book blurb it was based solely on the fact that I’ve had a lot going on in my life lately and I didn’t feel like I had the time to commit to reading another series…well, I was wrong I mean sleeps over rated right?


Ok, enough about my poor life choices let’s talk about something important…like this book!!! I loved this book. First off of you’re a fan of Ms Cochet’s THIRDS series than you know this author creates amazing alpha characters and this series is packed with them…from Ace and his fellow Kings to Colton Connolly the man who’s more than a match for Ace and who very quickly captures Ace’s heart.


Ace and Colton are explosive and initially it’s not really in a good way…an entertaining and more than a little amusing way but definitely not good as far as Ace is concerned, but when these two men meet for the first time it’s a battle of wills and one that both men are determined to win.


Colton’s father has hired ‘Four Kings Security’ to protect him after it’s discovered that Colton’s been receiving death threats. Needless to say, Colton is beyond angry about this as he believes that the letters are simply idle threats. Which leads to Colton’s father’s decision to go behind his back and hire private security upon meeting with them it’s decided that Four Kings will deal with the determinedly stubborn heir to Connolly Maritime with its own form of stubborn and obstinate…enter Anston “Ace” Sharpe, who is assigned to be Colton’s bodyguard.


From the word go Colton decides his mission is to antagonise, frustrate and just generally annoy his new shadow, no matter how annoyingly sexy he is. While Ace is equally determined to not let Colton’s antics do anything but entertain him…game on with these two it’s a battle of wills and may the most determined man win and hopefully keep Colton alive in the process.


I so loved Colton. I was worried that he was just going to be another spoiled rich kid. Fortunately that idea was quickly put to rest as Colton proved himself to be a kind, generous, determined and confident individual willing to not only defend he loves and but those who are in need of his help because of circumstances not of their own making…in short Colton’s a good and decent guy and not the self-centered or arrogant jerk who has a light-bulb moment causing him to realize the error of his ways…sorry but that’s a big turn off in my reading world because rarely do I buy into it.


There’s a lot of background to be had in this story and thankfully it’s been woven into the story and given to us through memories and shared conversations keeping it from being an overwhelming deluge that can often slow a story down. Ace is one of the co-owners of ‘Four Kings Security’ he and his fellow Kings are all ex-Special Forces soldiers and the foundation of this series. If it’s an issue of security these are the men for the job. Along with Lucky, Red and King, the unofficial leader of their family. As well as their shared time as Special Forces operatives I’m pretty sure these men all have their own story and as this series progresses I’m hoping we’ll discover them all.


Admittedly there are some cheesy nicknames going on here…we’ve got a security agency called ‘Four Kings Security’ with an unofficial leader who goes by the name ‘King’ and his partners Ace, Lucky, Red (because he’s a redhead but also interesting coincidence here…cards come in 4 suits and two colors…black and…you guessed it ‘red’, just sayin’) and there’s also Jack and Joker or was that Jester…well, it was one or the other and maybe it was the mood that I was in because I have to admit there are times when something like this would have me rolling my eyes but to be honest this time around it just amused the hell outta’ me and I found myself listen to see how much and how often there were references to playing cards or even card games, I probably should have kept count just for the hell of it but I do know it wasn’t nearly as much or as often as it could have been so for me it was more cute than overly cheesy.


While I really enjoyed the relationship between Ace and Colton and how it developed with all of it’s wit, humor and tension the part of this story that clicked for me was the mystery. I must admit…I did not see that one coming. I had all kinds of theories on who and why and in the end, I was wrong…close but no cigar. It’s been a while since a mystery has stumped me like this one did so well done, Ms Cochet, I really enjoyed staying in the dark until things were revealed.


And last but, not least the reason that this was a solid 5 stars for me and not 4.5 or even 4…scratch that I’m pretty sure even if I’d been reading this one it would have gotten more than 4 stars from me but what cemented it firmly as a 5-star audio book for me was of course the narrator. Greg Boudreaux. I’ve listened to over 30 books narrated by this very talented person and without fail I have enjoyed his narration each and every time and frequently more than once, regardless of how good the story was or wasn’t and ‘Love in Spades’ was no exception to this and I’m looking forward to revisiting this the men of ‘Four Kings Security’ in the future…especially if each subsequent story provides me with the entertainment that I enjoyed this time around. I’ll be more than happy.




An audio book of ‘Love in Spades’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.