It's a thin line between hating to love something and just loving to hate things...

Day and Knight - Dirk Greyson, Andrew McFerrin

Day and Knight was ok for me but sadly on the list of what worked and what didn't there was too much that sat in the middle and was more a case of so-so at best. So lets start with what for me really just didn't work and that was...


Knight, I'm sorry, but this guy just irritated me so much most of the time. I just never warmed up to him even a little bit and without fail as fast as I thought he was getting better and that maybe I could like him...well...have no fear because without fail he did or said something to ensure my feelings towards him didn't nope, Knight and I are never going to have coffee together or go for drinks because if we did he'd probably steal mine when I wasn't looking...just sayin'


For me Knight was someone who liked being angry with the almost seemed like it was his mission in life to be angry with the world. Don't get me wrong he does have a reason to be angry...honestly if I came home to find my spouse and child had been killed I'd be a little angry too but could we maybe direct that anger towards the people who killed them and not towards anyone he happens to meet...just saying. Some things we hate to love but in Knights case it's a case of 'he loves to hate'. 


Day was definitely a nicer person in spite of the fact that he hasn't had the greatest life either. His parents were killed when he was young and he was raised by his brother, who rather than become bitter at having to raise his brother...chose to do the best he could for him and make a home for Dayton and himself.


Whether it's losing your parents when your young or your spouse and child, either situation is painful and so incredibly hard to deal with but I don't think I would necessarily say that one was worse than the other because honestly neither is a situation that I would wish on anyone. So while I can understand Knight's anger, I just couldn't relate to his anger and bitterness...this more than anything spoiled this character for me.


As for the story while the overall premise had potential in the end for me it was a little on the dry side and I have to admit if I'd been reading this rather than listening to the audio book I don't think that you'd be seeing 3 stars at the top of this review probably something closer to 2.5 rounded down to 2 or just 2.5 stars where I can actually use 1/2 stars. So much potential and sadly a lot of it fell flat for me and what should have been an interesting and compelling story was ok at best.


'Day and Knight' is the fourth book narrated by Andrew McFerrin that I've listened to and I have to admit this time around it was his skills as a narrator that got me through this story and solidly contributed to the 3 stars that this audio book got from me. I'm hoping that the second books goes better and maybe I'll find Knight to be a more likable can always hope, right?