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Top and Tails - Clare London

‘Top and Tails’ is the 8th book in the series ‘With a Kick’ by Clare London. First things first here… while I haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, I’ve wanted to and in spite the fact that I haven’t, I’ve still enjoyed the hell outta’ this book.


‘With a Kick’ is one of those series that connects the stories by location as much or more than the characters…although my impression here is that many of them are connected by the bond of friendship as well and while I definitely want to go back and read the stories that I’m sure will tell me more about a number of secondary characters that I was introduced to in this story, I wasn’t left feeling like something was missing because I haven’t read the previous books…it was more a case of being intrigued enough to want to go back and read what I’ve missed up until now and for me that’s a really good benchmark as to whether or not an author has successfully created a story that is 1. Part of a series and 2. Can truly be read as a standalone.


Thankfully I can easily catch up on this series since I have them in my TBR folder waiting patiently for my attention and while there is some connection between the characters as friends, the stories for the most part aren’t allowing them to be enjoyed as part of a series or as a standalone…just check the blurbs and you’ll quickly figure out where there’s a connection between stories.


‘Top and Tails’ is a story about one love shared by 3 men…that’s right it’s ménage and we all know that if not done correctly instead of a hot, sexy and sometimes sweet story about 3 men finding love, what I could have gotten is a train wreck especially when it’s an established couple adding a third person. For me this is probably one of the slipperiest slopes an author can navigate and while this story got off to a bit of a slow start for me in terms of capturing my interest, I’m a fan of this author and was more than willing to stick with it and stick with it I did and Ms. London did not let me down I was treated not only to a story that thoroughly enchanted me but one that convinced me that I need to go back and start at the beginning with this series so that I’m ready for whatever comes next.


For the most part this story is told from Karel’s perspective but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get to know things from Griff and Leroy’s point of view throughout the story by their interactions with Karel and each other. Griff and Leroy have been together for a number of years, but for as much as they love each other, and these two are very much in love and committed to each other, they both seem to feel that as a couple they just aren’t quite complete…somethings missing and while they’ve played before it’s not until Karel that they’ve felt right with their choice of a third…but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and flowers. These men all have some adjusting to do. Like any relationship it’s all about the give, take and compromise.


I loved that we got to take this journey with Griff, Leroy and Karel as they struggled to make their relationship work…it wasn’t easy for any of them and there was growth and change required from them but anything worth having is worth fighting for and these men are willing to fight for what they’ve found together as the each come to realize that separately they might be good. Together they are able to find the strength, love and support they need to become more…to become better.


‘Top and Tails’ can easily be read on its own for anyone who hasn’t read the previous books but don’t be surprised if like me, you find yourself wanting to go back and enjoy those earlier stories.




An ARC of ‘Top and Tails’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.