I'm pretty sure that this one gave me whiplash...

Out of Bounds - Nicki Bennett, Ariel Tachna

First off, I'd like to say if you loved this book good on you and feel free to ignore me and carry one because I truly don't think that this is about anyone being right or wrong it's just a case of it worked for you and not for me and we all know that  happens. I'm pretty sure if I compared books with all of my friends I'd find at least one book that I loved and they didn't and vice versa...it's part of the beauty of free choice we all get to decide what's good for us and what's not.


Now, I'm going to try and be brief and to the point here...I'm good with a nice slow burn and a nice solid relationship build that gives me more than just some down and dirty, hot, steamy sex that's suppose to make me believe that two people who have barely done more than say hello are suddenly soulmates.  But when I get approximately 182 pages of 'oh no we can't have a relationship because...' and suddenly with only 12 pages left in the book it takes less than 5 pages for things to do a 180 and 'oh no we can't' becomes 'I love you, I can't believe I almost lost you, I want to spend forever with you' and to top if all off there still hasn't been any sex...sorry, but no, just no, forget slow burn I'm not even sure there was ever even a fire and then things go from zero to 100 so fast that race car drivers everywhere are green with envy!


Prior to all of this there was in fact one kiss between the MCs, albeit a supposedly hot and steamy kiss that left one of the MCs feeling more than a little confused and frustrated and the other MC needing to 'get out of dodge' and sober up! and that's it seriously for the first 182 pages there was that kiss. Sorry but some personal hand action in the shower doesn't count as romance.


Anyways, you win some, you lose some and for me this one just wasn't the winner that I'd hoped for.  There were some other issues with this one for me but I have to admit this was the biggie...the iceberg that sank the ship...yes, there's a cruise that happens in this and it's towards the end of the story and was definitely the beginning of the end and with that I think I've reached the end of my little babble about this one as well. 



A copy of 'Out of Bounds' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.