Where do I begin...

A DOM and His Writer - Xenia Melzer, Richard L Walton

I won't say that I'm not a fan of D/s stories to be perfectly honest. I have a bit of a fascination with them. Mostly because I have to admit it's a dynamic I just don't get. I can understand the idea of letting someone else have control in the bedroom on occasion or even all the time if that's your thing...but let me just back up a bit here and say that I don't think nor am I implying that just because i don't get something that doesn't mean I think it's wrong...nope, not even close on that one. I don't like ketchup but that doesn't mean that I don't think other people shouldn't enjoy it and on a very basic level this is the same thing just because I don't want a D/s relationship doesn't mean no one else should nor does it mean that I don't want to know more about it just for the sake of broadening my horizons and giving myself a better and more diverse understanding of what's out there in the world. 


So I like to do a bit of factual research and supplement it with some stories that  present me with a different and diverse set of circumstances that on occasion leaves me to see things from a different perspective and sometimes this all works better than others.


In the case of 'A DOM and His Writer' it was one of those not so good times for a few reasons...first off we have Richard. He's the DOM in this story and I'm not even going to try and sugar coat this. I did not like him. I found him to be arrogant not confident. Self-centered, self-indulgent and just generally selfish...in other words he was just to much of an 'all about me' character. More than once I found myself wishing he was real just so I could tell him where to go and how to get there. Now I will admit he did earn a bit of redemption later in the book but it was just never enough for me to truly warm up to...much less like his character.


Next we have Dean he's the sub in this D/s relationship and he's also suppose to be some kind of bestselling author and I just had a really hard tie reconciling who he was suppose to be with the person that the story presented me with because honestly for the most part Dean struck me not as someone who had the intellect to write bestselling novels but as someone who's most complex thought might run along the lines of 'see spot run. Run, Spot, run.' and yet at the same time I was suppose to believe that he's suddenly able to go out into the world and care for himself and an infant child, all while organizing a home and new life for himself and said baby...in short when it came to Dean...2+2 never quite equaled 4.


'A DOM and his sub isn't the first D/s book that I've read where I've been left with the feeling that being a DOM means being an over the top alpha male and I get that and can honestly see where it's a reasonable generalization, but what I have a hard time believing is the flip side of that coin which is that being a sub means being someone of average or lower intellect...sorry, I just can't buy it. 


Richard L. Walton was the narrator for this book and I'm really not quite sure why but for the most part I have to say his voice just wasn't working for me and truthfully I think I'm going to say this one is mostly on me. When I think about as objectively as possible his voices were good, consistent and gave depth to the characters. I would even go so far as to say his voice for Richard suited the image I had for this character...for Dean maybe not so much. I did find that Dean's voice had a bit of an immature tone to it. Other secondary characters seemed to work out of for me so my only real issue with the voices was with Dean and that's more a personal preference issue as far as I'm concerned.


'A DOM and His Writer' was my first time with both this author and this narrator and fortunately for me at the end of this book was an extended audio clip from the next book in this series 'A DOM and His Artist' which I listened to and while I haven't decided yet based on what I listened to I'm considering giving this one more try. From what I heard I think I might have better luck with both of the MCs in this one so, I'm going to ponder that one for a bit and when the next book comes out we'll see how I'm feeling about taking one more dive into the deep end with this series.



An audio book of 'A DOM and His Writer' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.