I think the sun's might be setting on this one for me...

Dawn and Dusk - Dirk Greyson, Andrew McFerrin

'Dawn and Dusk' is the 3rd installment in Dirk Greyson's (read Andrew Grey's) 'Day and Knight' series and while the story was ok and had a fairly solid plot carrying it. I just wasn't enamored of the characters. 


I've given this one a solid try and truthfully it's just not getting better. I did enjoy the mystery that was happening in this one. Day and Knight are back from their latest adventure and Day's feeling like they've stalled...it would seem that what happened on the assignment...stays on the assignment and while Day would prefer something that was moving forward more than anything he just wants to know where things are at. He's not ready to be anyone's 'dirty little secret' but if that's all Knight wants than they need to work that out. 


When Day's brother turns up missing though he realizes he's got more important things to deal with like getting to where his brother is and finding out what's happened to him. Knight wants to help him but not at the risk of Day rushing in with no plan and no back up when he's got no idea what's happening...there's just too many 'no's' in that equation for his liking.


As Knight steps up to support day and  help him look for answers to find out what's happened to his brother both men are also forced to examine their relationship...where it's at and where they want it to go.


Once again Andrew McFerrin is the narrator for this story and he's definitely on the plus side of things for me with this one. One of if not the biggest pet peeve I have with an audio book series that has the same MCs throughout is when the narrator changes from book to book. It's not a matter of good or bad but I just find that no two narrators interpret the characters the same way and as a result how a character sounds changes from narrator to narrator and I just can't get into the story. But Andrew McFerrin has narrated all 3 of these books and even though this may not be my favorite series it's one that I've enjoyed because of this and truly chances are at some point in the future when I want to hear something different but I don't feel like scrolling through screen after screen of book titles I'll take another shot at this and who knows I may feel the same...I may enjoy it just a little bit more...only time will tell.


This is another series that's left me torn as to whether or not I'll continue listening to it. I think it's going to depend on where things are going for this pair and how strongly the next book catches my attention. I know there are a lot of reviews/ratings out there for people who have really liked this one so it's definitely a case of to each their own but be fair check them all out because what works for one person doesn't always work for every one and vice versa!



An audio book of 'Dawn and Dusk' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.