Hot off the Dreamspinner Presses...

The Turtle Story  - C. S. Poe

‘That Turtle Story’ is just one of the stories included in this years advent calendar by Dreamspinner Press. Each year they put out holiday stories created by their authors. It’s a great way to check out some new authors, visit with some old ones and kick off the holiday season.


For me ‘That Turtle Story’ is a chance to read something but an author who’s become a must read for me. C. S. Poe is taking us to Key West for the Holidays where we’ll meet Nor O’Brien who spends his days rehabilitating turtles and nursing his heart as he’s nursing a broken heart following the end of a relationship that was less than stellar. As the holiday approaches Nor gets his Scrooge on until Eugene Montgomery arrive at the R&R wanting some to rescue a clutch of eggs that he’s sure isn’t doing well.


It’s as Nor and Eugene work together to rescue the turtles that their attraction begins to develop and before Nor knows it, what started as a light flirtation turns into a first date.

Nor and Eugene were to say the least adorable together.  I loved Eugene, he was sweet and thoughtful with his sincere desire to bring some fun into Nor’s life.


Most of the story was taken up with the progression of Nor and Eugene’s relationship as they went from strangers to friends to lovers. It’s all holiday fun until assumptions are made and communication breaks down and it’s going to take Eugene’s optimistic and determined nature to get through Nor’s defenses and hear what hasn’t been said. I loved this story while the miscommunication may have been the biggest contributor to Nor and Eugene’s problem the solutions not complex or convoluted…but it is heartwarming and sweet.


‘That Turtle Story’ may be set in a warm and sunny locale, but whether it’s hot and sunny or cold and snowing…Christmas is Christmas and for many it’s the most wonderful time of the year.




A copy of ‘That Turtle Story’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.