Unique, riveting, intense, dark and at times disturbing...

It's Witchcraft (Criminal Intentions: Season One #5) - Cole McCade

These are just some of the words that I would use to explain this series.


Somewhere along the line I decided that not only did I want to read this series but I want to see how long I can do this and write reviews for it that...hopefully will at the very least make people to check these stories out and maybe even read them. But I'm going to be honest ans say read the trigger warnings for these book because they are they and for some they're going to be very important. While there may be some moments of humor this is not a humorous or even slightly light, fluffy story


These stories are dark and some of the crimes are violent, but they are also incredibly well told. This author has a way of drawing the reader into the story and making you want to stay there from start to finish.


I've been extremely lucky with each episode I've had a buddy to e-mail and share the details with and talk about all the things that I won't be writing about here because I'm trying for spoiler free and to be honest if you haven't started reading these stories yet but plan on it. I can honestly say based on my experience while it's not necessary having a reading buddy to share this experience with really is an awesome way to go.


Now about this episode of Criminal Intentions...'It's Witchcraft' definitely one of the more gruesome and graphically violent stories in this series so far. Amidst the chaos of a new case yet again involving the death of gay men. Mal and Seong-Jae both have personal issues to deal with...Mal's ex-wife is not only in town but staying with him until she can find a place of her own and he's still recovering from injuries incurred during an earlier case but that's coming to an end if he can just get his supervisor...Seong-Jae to clear  him as fit for work. Yes that's right Seong-Jae is Mal's supervisor because their relationship isn't complicated enough. While Seong-Jae's just returned from testifying in court against  his former partner...as if being the new cop on the force hasn't been hard enough. Mal's not the only one whose past seems be coming back to haunt him and he's ultimately forced to turn to contacts from his past as well to try and find answers. 


On the relationship front these two men are beyond combustible...the attraction between them is for me...off the charts! But it's not something that's being rushed into...this one's a slow burn...we're talking s-l-o-w!!! But so worth the wait, I have zero doubt that when things really happen between them...well, let's just say I fear for my e-reader. There were a couple of scenes in this one that were a couple of scenes that had me fanning myself and really all I'm going to say is 'who knew kickboxing could be so HOT!!! and there was a conversation on a rooftop late at night a very private, intimate, conversation, with hugs and just so much emotion and it was HAWT!!! Seriously so freakin' hawt!!! But in a really intensely emotional way...sorry, really don't know how else to explain this.


One of the best parts of this series and this story in particular is that it takes place in a very real world. A world where there are all kinds of people in all shapes and sizes who have a variety of preferences and proclivities...there are people who are gay, straight, lesbian, ACE, aromantic, non-binary and the list goes on and on. So while this is one of the best parts of the series maybe in it's own way it's also one of the scariest because it's also very reflective of the world that we all live in. There are no cut and dried guidelines and each person in this story is as individual and unique as you, your friends, family, neighbors and the strangers who fill in the spaces in between all those we know. 


Criminal Intentions is a series made to resemble an television show and it all reflects the strangest thing of all...real life.



A copy of 'Criminal Intentions: It's Witchcraft' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.