Oh this one was cute...

The Little Library - Kim Fielding, Andrew McFerrin

really adorkably, cute and at times awkward!!! and all in the best ways possible.


Elliott Thompson has returned to his hometown in California after having his career destroyed by his ex. Teaching on-line classes, hiding in his home where he hoards books...Amazon is his friend and nursing his less than enthusiastic hope for his teaching career comprises his daily activities.


Simon Odisho's law enforcement career has come to an abrupt end in a matter of seconds when a bullet shatters his knee.


So when Elliott's brother demands that he return to the land of the living and re-join the world, Elliott decides to resume jogging which is where he meets Simon for the first time and from the simple task of taking up jogging again Elliott begins to come back to life. The next task on his list becomes doing something about his book hoarding ways and that is when Elliott gets the idea to build his own little library. Something that he'd seen on vacation with his jerk of an ex and it's through his little library that Elliott really begins to come back to the world and live again. 


As Elliott stocks his little library he also gets regular visits from Simon who seems to walk by his house on a fairly frequent basis. Simon knows he's gay...he's just not out but he's very interested in Elliott and it's his interest that's making Simon re-think his life choices.


Elliott and Simon were just beyond dorky and cute and I loved their fledgling relationship as they got to know each other and then started to date and fall in love. With these two there were those incredible awkward dating moments and sex for these two was at time fun and funny. Plus to top it all off there was a really adorable dog and Elliott's brother was one of those epic siblings that we all would love to have. He was accepting of Elliott and genuinely cared about him. There was also the nosy neighbor...you know we all have one...thinking they run the neighborhood and they are a legend in their own minds...yeah, he was a real delight! (please read this with lots of sarcasm to ensure you get the full impact of what I'm saying).


Andrew McFerrin was the narrator for this story giving it the emotional depth it deserved as he brought Elliott and Simon to life for me. 


The library may have been little but the sweetness and fun contained within this story definitely wasn't.