Sometimes...girls just wanna' have fun...

North on Drummond - K.C. Burn, Darcy Stark

I've has this one in my audio library for ages and when I was looking for my next listen to see what was going to strike my fancy, I checked out the blurb for this one and it just sounded like fun...lots and lots of fun!


I was right this one was fun. Not in the stand-up comedy way, but in the lots of stuff going on and with a bit of humor and a small dose of irony added at times. 'North on Drummond' was a story that had a few twist and turns. While Drew Drummond earns a living as a psychic tarot card reader...he doesn't really believe in any of it. But a guys got to support himself right?


Drew comes from a family with a less than stellar reputation but he's determined to be possibly the first honest and legitimate person in his family. He doesn't want to walk on hte wrong side of the law because the man who has captured his attention and his heart wears a badge and even though he left town years ago...Drew knows he's coming back and no it's not because he's psychic...but you have to read the story to find out why he knows.


When Cliff Garcia left town he had no intentions of ever looking back much less returning. Even though his mother still lives there but time and circumstances have taught him the hard way...never, say never. Cliff's back and a member of the local law enforcement.


One of the first things that Cliff sees when he returns to Sandy Bottom Bay is the sexiest ginger he's ever if he could just find out who he is and get to know him better. This all sounds good to him until he discovers that his sexy ginger is not only a Drummond but a psychic a word that Cliff sees as being synonymous with words like charlatan, con artist, grifter and on and on...but still...he's drawn to Drew and as circumstances keep drawing them together, Cliff realizes that his attraction to Drew is much stronger than his dislike of Drew's family or his career choice.


Drew and Cliff's story is played out against a series of day to day events some a little more unusual than others and as the story unfolds many of the events turn out to be connected to 'the bigger picture'. Amidst all the daily happenings in Sandy Bottom Bay the reader is introduced to a varied and interesting collection of characters some are Drew's brothers and his best friend Kyle, or Cliff's mom and his good friend Scott, who turns out to also be a member of the Sandy Bottom Bay Police Department. There's also Drew's slightly shady brothers as opposed to his totally shady father (dad's doing time). Then there are the visitors to the mystic town of Sandy Bottom Cliff's ex who claims it a work thing but as the story progresses it becomes clear that there's more to his story than meets the eye


I really loved how this story played out so many of the characters were more than a little entertaining I loved Kyle and I think a story about him getting together with his secret crush(es) would be every bit as entertaining as this one and then there was Cliff's mom...Mom was EPIC!!! She's the town matriarch and when momma's not happy trust me ain't no one going to be happy!!! But this was all in the coolest ways possible. Cliff's friend and co-worker Scott was another character whom I really liked and then there was Cliff's ex...yeah, he can just drop off the face of the earth.


I also like how the paranormal elements were introduced into the story and not just there and in our face from the word go and that's all I'm saying about this other than to add that the author did an awesome job of sliding this into events and making it seem far more believable for how they did this.


This is my fourth audio book narrated by Darcy Stark and so far I've enjoyed his narrations. Adding both expression and depth to the stories  and giving me uniquely individual voices for each character. Darcy Stark is quickly becoming one of 'no worries here' narrators because I know when I see his name beside an audio book I just need to wonder if I'll like the story...the audio's not in question.