To say "I'm struggling with this one." is a bit of an understatement...

Stetsons and Stakeouts - BA Tortuga

I'm such a fan of B.A. Tortuga and while not every books a 5 stars read, that's true of most authors. What's 5 star for some isn't for others and that's just the way of it. But I have to admit I was surprised when this ended up just never quite working for me. It came close a couple of times but nope, in the end I can only say...I came, I tried, I read it all and it just wasn't my cuppa'.


I think most would agree with me that B.A. writes books that have humor and characters that are interesting and often a bit over the top...none of that's changed here but for some reason for me the characters more often than not weren't OTP in what I tend to think of as a bigger than life life way that I've come to expect but more often than not they had me rolling my eyes in an 'are you kidding me' way. So it just didn't work, but none of this negates for me all of the other wonderful stories that this author has written that I've absolutely loved....


Stories like  her 'Stormy Weather' series, her 'Road Trip' series not to mention more than a few stand alone stories that I've absolutely adored. So at the end of it all...while, I'm not a fan of this particular story...I am still a fan of B.A. Tortuga.




An ARC of 'Stetsons and Stakeouts' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.