Sometimes home can be a person and not just a place...

Homebird - Amy Lane

As is usually the case with an Amy Lane story. I was all in from the beginning. I totally related to Crispin because like him, I'm a homebird. I also loved his band of friends they were the kind of friends that I think anyone would love to have.


And like Crispin, I was charmed by Luka from the moment we met him. I found the relationship between these two men to be both interesting and unique. While I'm sure some would consider it to be love at first sight and I can see where that's coming from, for me it felt more like a really strong attraction that we got to see grow and become something stronger and more than that initial strong attraction. Something based on friendship, trust and respect. 


Crispin and Luka have not only both suffered loss in their past.  It's a loss that resulted from similar experiences. I really loved how this part of the story was handled...two men, similar experiences but each man choosing a different solution...


Crispin chooses to set down roots...he has his home, his sister Millie, his cat and the dog he shares custody of with Mille and most importantly he has his friends..friends who keep him moving, who force him to not just exist but to live...friends who are the reason that he's in Germany at Octoberfest where he meets the enchanting Luka.


Luka, deals with his loss by spreading his wings and flying from place to place...never staying in one spot for too long, never allowing himself to get to attached. Avoiding attachments...avoiding the possibility of loss, until Crispin and his friends sit down at one of his tables in the beer tent where Luka's waiting tables.


In the end both men come to learn that life is about balance as Crispin helps Luka to plant some roots and Luka helps Crispin to spread  his wings. It's compromise, balance and love that allows them to begin to find a life that gives both men what they need to be happy...the chance to spread their wings and fly, to have a home to keep them sheltered and secure and to have a life together.


'Homebird' is such a wonderfully fleshed out story with characters that could so easily be real and not just Crispin and Luka...for me they all came to life...Millie and her husband Todd, Luka's friends LInk, Cam, Ray and Nick and Jamie who joined their group part way through this adventure and that's another story all it's own.  The upside of this is that I got to read a story with very realistic and believable characters that I really liked...the down side of this is that I got to read a story with very realistic and believable characters that I really want to read more about.


'Homebird' is one of those stories that offers so much potential for more while feeling complete just as it is. I don't think I would call this a Christmas story, but more like a story that happens to take place at Christmas time. This was an absolutely delightful story worth reading no matter what time of the year it is.



An ARC of 'Homebird' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.