Sometimes appearances really can be deceiving...

The Strength of His Heart - Victoria  Sue

Vance Connelly is a member of HERO and his 'super-power' is strength but what few realize is that the strongest part of him is  his heart. He's only ever wanted to serve and protect like the rest of his family.


Samuel 'Angel' Piper has spent years working undercover for the DEA and while he's tried to keep it hidden...he's also got a pretty damned strong heart but he guards it really, really closely and more than anything he wants to leave the DEA and the undercover work behind. A goal that joining HERO will help him accomplish...that and putting Vance and Sam solidly in each other's path.


I've really enjoyed all of the books in this series so far but Vance and Sam's story is definitely the one that I've connected with on the strongest level. These are two men who at first glance appear to be strong...Vance with his big strong body and Sam with his cool and unflappable exterior. Never letting anyone in and keeping the world at arms length.


As Sam, Vance and the rest of the HERO team race against time to figure out how to stop the disappearance of young enhanced teens both men find themselves faced with the realization that the share an attraction and it's one that only one of them is willing to risk. Sam's idea of a relationship is one and done. He doesn't do forever or happily ever after...he's pretty sure that it's not a thing for people like him.


While Vance has had to deal with being an enhanced which in this world is definitely no fun. He's done so with the benefit of a loving and supportive family and most of the local law enforcement. Vance is such a sweet soul...I'm not sure that it would be truly possible to not like him. Sam's not been as lucky. Growing up for him was a matter of survival and he had to grow up really fast and  hard to be able to take care of himself because there was no one else to do it. 


As Vance and Sam work with the rest of their team to solve this's Vance who ends  up going undercover while Sam suddenly finds himself confronting his past...a past he thought was long gone.


Like others who have read this book I definitely wouldn't have been opposed to a bit more page time for the romance but I also feel like given what was happening with the rest of this story for Vance and Sam to have all kinds time for romance and intimate moments wouldn't have felt quite right ...for me it comes down to a question of 'would someone who has dedicated their life to protecting and serving really be more worried about 'getting their grove on than saving the lives of those that they've chosen to serve and protect?' for me that's a no. I'm not saying that they would totally disregard their personal life just that at times like this other things would realistically take a back having said all that maybe there's more in store for romance between Vance and Sam...after all given the ending of the book leaves Vance and Sam in a very good place with potential for all the romance that we missed out on in the story.


While 'The Strength of His Heart' is my favorite of all the stories that I've read so far in this series. For me it's because of how much I liked Vance and Sam and the story that brought them together but I have to agree that while this is the story that brought them together what's missing is the story that shows us more of what happens for them next as a couple and if you've already read this story than you know that what comes next has the potential to be filled with love and fun.



An ARC of 'The Strength of His Heart' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.