It's time for a little Christmas...

The Magician's Angel - Jordan L. Hawk

magic? or maybe must some good old fashioned murder and mayhem!


'The Magician's Angel' is the third book in the series "Christmas Angel" and it's Jordan L. Hawk's contribution to this series as each book is written by a different author. I was gifted this story by my friend Anne and as Anne will atest to, that was a bit of an adventure all it's own but we persevered and I got to read an enchanting holiday story that was surprisingly also an historical story...not my favorite venue but in this case a fairly safe bet since I really love this author's Whyborne & Griffin series and as with that series the author has created a story that eclipses the setting of its time. 


As a vaudeville performer Christoper Fiend lives for the limelight while Edward Smith would be happy to never set foot in his family's theater, but while Edward has no love for the theater he does love his brother Tobias who's most fervent dream is to revive the theater that is their legacy from their father.


The last thing that Edward's prepared for his the attraction that he feels towards Christopher and as the story progresses it's not attraction that brings these two men together but murder and in the end it's love that binds them.


I love a good mystery and this one was definitely a fun and delightful distraction from the chaos of the holiday season. I was more than a little impressed with the story that I got to read. With less than 90 pages I was expecting to feel shortchanged somewhere with the beginning or the middle but yes, most likely the end as that seems to be where stories often run our of steam but much to my delight that was not the case. 


There are 7 stories in this series each connected by an angel and for the story of how the angel came to be one needs to start with book one by Eli Easton and in spite of the fact that I haven't read that one...a situation  that I hope to correct...acutally, I'm not even even going to try and be subtle I would love to hear this series on audio and this is one of those rare times that I would love for each book to be narrated by a different narrator but barring an audio book...I would have no qualms about reading the e-books....7 books by 7 awesome can I go wrong? I can't...season's greetings everyone and happy reading.