‘Miracle on Three King’s Day’ takes the reader from the usual North America location to....

Miracle on Three Kings' Day - Beth Laycock

...a small town on the coast of the beautiful country of Spain. Levi’s fallen into a rut and his family knows that somethings got to give to get him out of it. He needs a change. So it’s with this in mind that his brother Jesse sends him a ticket and invites him to spend the New Year in Spain. What neither Jesse nor Levi count on is Jesse getting stuck in Scotland and Levi finding himself alone in a country that he’s not familiar with and doesn’t speak the language and even more Levi’s not prepared for Alex. His brother’s best friend.


I loved, loved, loved this story. Levi and Alex worked for me as friends, as lovers. Without a doubt I would be over the moon to get more story for these two men. Their meeting was done is such a natural and organic way…seriously who hasn’t found themselves stranded at an airport because of weather or some other unforeseen set of circumstances on one occasion or another…it’s happened to me twice and I don’t even fly that often. So when Levi finally reaches him brother he’s told to go Alex’s Café and get Jesse’s spare key from him…how many people have or leave a key with a neighbor or friend as a matter of course…again not an unusual or surprising thing to for Jesse to have done. So, these to men meeting seemed more like an ordinary course of events than something bizarre or contrived.


But most of all what I loved was the interaction between them…it just worked. Alex knew much of Levi’s story…Alex is Jesse’s best friend, so really again not surprising that Jesse would talk to his best friend about his family? How many of us haven’t done this?


I was totally enchanted with how Levi and Alex’s relationship progressed and developed…they enchanted me, I have no other words for these two. They worked as a couple…this all worked as a story and while I loved what I got. I would so happily have read more. Beth Laycock is a new to me author and one that I’ll be watching out for more.


Sometimes we read stories that we just connect with and while there was so much about this story that I liked and that worked for me. I also just connected with this one on a level that doesn’t have reasons or explanations I just got it or maybe it got me? Whichever, it’s all good and it all worked.


Christmas time is a time for giving and receiving and what greater gift could anyone give or receive than the gift of love. This one’s filled with love and hope and the warmth of the season and for me was the perfect wrap up to all this holiday magic.




A copy of ‘Miracle of Three King’s Day’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.