Sometimes revisiting the past isn't the best of ideas...

Seven Days - Andrew  Grey

I can say with a certainty that it's been well over 4 years since I read the book and when I saw it on Audible with Sean Crisden as the narrator well I was all in on this one. It sounded like such a good idea and while I did enjoy the audio book I didn't love it the way I had when I read the book originally. 


I can say with a certainty that the narration was well done and I thoroughly enjoyed that part of the experience. I don't feel like it was any one thing that kept me from connecting with this story as strongly as I did the first was more a case of a lot of little disconnects that just kept things from working quite as well as they had originally...things that either didn't bother me the first time or that I just didn't pick-up on the first time around. 


I have to admit I was really looking forward to enjoying this one on audio and to say the least I was more than a little disappointed at the end of it all when I realized that while I liked the audio book I didn't love the story the way that I had originally and sometimes that's what happens. I know there have been other books that I've re-read/listen to that I originally read years ago and my thoughts and feelings haven't changed or I've maybe even liked them a little more than the first time around but every once in a while things don't workout that way and sadly this was one of them.