So turns out this wasn't quite lucky number 13 for me...

Cash - Garrett Leigh

'Cash' is the 13th story by this author that I've read and while it was a good read and I liked it for me it just wasn't quite what I was anticipating.  I was really looking forward to this one. I read 'Lucky' the first book in this series and I absolutely loved it. Plus I don't think I would have enjoyed this one even as much as I did if I hadn't read 'Lucky' since the MCs from the first book are fairly present in this story as well. So yes, you can read this story without benefit of having read Lucky but again having read the first book it helped me to make a stronger connection with the characters here in Cash.


We first met Cash in 'Lucky' when he starts to work at the same garage as Lucky and Lucky later becomes his roommate. Plus we do actually met Rae in that book as well...sort of and if you read Lucky you'll know what I mean but if not...see what I mean about stronger connections?


Rea's life is that of a 'Saboteur'. Saboteur's are another level of animal rights activist and while this story focused on their work in protecting foxes by sabotaging fox hunts,as well as badger culls and other small game species for the purposes of this story the author has focused on fox hunts and on a practical level I understand why animal culls are sometimes done but would I ever go, do I think that hunting especially in the manner that is used for a fox hunt is justifiable or in any way, never. Personally I'd be out there with Rae if I could.


While there were times that the issue of the fox  hunt overshadowed Rae and Cash's story and I did feel a tiny bit frustrated by it on occasion, I also saw how integral it was to their story for the author to make us understand the passion, intensity and dedication that the saboteur's life demands from a person and I don't think I would have felt that as much if Ms Leigh hadn't taken the time to emerge me into their world.


However, while this gave me a better understanding of both men and their values as well as filling in some gaps in Cash's background, it did come at the cost of my connection to them as a couple...which still not a total loss here because when all was said and done I still really liked both Cash and Rae.


In summary maybe I didn't find this one quite as riveting as...say 'Between Ghost' or 'Misfits' this was still an above average read for me at 3.5 stars and I'm looking forward to continuing this series with the hope that along with a new pair of MCs we'll also get to see more of Lucky, Dom, Cash and Rae...even if it's just a peek to see how they're doing now.



An ARC of 'Cash' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.