It's a little early to start the summer reading but...

Family Camp - Eli Easton

Some things should just not be left to the last minute and a new Eli Easton story is definitely on that list.


I enjoy this authors books anytime, but I think I was just really in the mood for a story like this when I read it because this one just left me feeling all warm and mushy and pretty much like a melted puddle of summer lovin' goo. 


I'm not even sure where to begin with what I loved, so I'm just going to have a ramble and hope that I nail most, if not all of it. That would be good, right?


I absolutely loved the MCs both Geo the sweet , nerdy but sexy school teacher and Travis the very sexy and successful and did I mention just he's sweet and really nice and a successful baseball player? Yeah, they're both simply adorable and together they are scorching who needs a campfire hot.


I loved that both men came from nice homes with loving parents and in Travis's many siblings!!! I can relate...youngest of 7 here.


Geo's determination to adopt his foster children, Jayden and Lucy is beyond heart melting. His whole being just resonated with how badly he wanted to create a family for them to be their not just them a family but ultimately helping to create the family that he knows he wants for himself. Any child would be blessed to have a parent who cared so much.


I loved how supportive and protective of each other they instinctively were. Neither of them had to ask for this they just each knew that if you truly cared about someone you'd have their back if things got tough. That's not just something that lovers or even married couples do it's a sibling thing, a parent thing and yes, it's a friend thing two and these two for a fast as their attraction grew so did their friendship and yes, that's another thing that I liked.


I liked that there was no big misunderstanding or miscommunication between them. Don't get me wrong I've read stories with this and it doesn't bother having this in a story...just not every story and sometimes as was the case here not any story. There were a couple of misunderstandings here and one in particular but it was easily resolved when the two men talked it didn't  become a big part of the story and in fact it was at the beginning a time when any relationship can easily go through, really a pretty normal thing in the course of events.


And possibly last but not least and maybe not even last, but for now I'm at the end of my rambling list...I loved the setting. It was summer camp or more specifically a family summer camp. I never got to do the camp thing as a kid so stories like this give me a chance to experience vicariously something that may have been a typical summer thing for a lot of kids but for me and I'm sure many others it wasn't and sometimes it's fun to read a story that gives the reader a chance to see whether they feel like they missed out or not.


Whether I missed out or not when I was a kid...I'm still not sure but I do know that I didn't miss out on my camp experience at Camp Evermore in all it's campy camp song glory topped off with a ghost story or two and some s' could I do anything but have a good time there?



An ARC of 'Family Camp' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.