Good times in the Badlands!!!

Badlands (Badlands #1) - Unabridged - Morgan Brice, Gail Z. Martin, Kale Williams

It's been years since an encounter of the supernatural kind sent police officer Vic D'Amato away from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach looking for a fresh start. So the last thing he's looking for is an attraction to someone like Simon Kincaide...someone who runs a shop that caters to the those interested in the paranormal with ghost tours, seances and private psychic readings...someone with psychic powers of their own.


But that's exactly what happens when the search for a serial killer pushes Vic to take desperate measures when every lead that the police have in the case comes up as dead as the killer's victims. 


Vic's more than a little resistant to both the idea of accepting help from Simon and being attracted to him...after all magics not it? and Simon's been burned before by someone he should have been able to depend on...someone who was suppose to love him, but when the going got tough...that person got going and Simone found himself alone during one of the worst times of his life.


Vic and Simon have a love to hate you/hate to love you relationship but the one thing that they can both agree upon is that there's a killer that needs to be stopped.  These two were a prime example of we don't always get to pick the people we love. Despite all the reasons that they wouldn't work as a couple neither man is immune to the attraction that they share.


The relationship between these two was not only a slow start, it also held a definite one step forward, two steps back dance to it and I felt like that was very much due to the past relationship history that each of these men had...both of them were coming out of a relationship that for their own reasons ended badly and left them both a bit gun shy. So the shaky start they they got on their romance for me felt kind of natural if not inevitable.


However, on the professional side of things the main thing that bothered me was the fact that Simon was very adamant that if he called the police they wouldn't why call them? And for me it seemed like Simon was in a damned if I do and damned if I don't situation which I think if we'd been given a stronger sense of any failed efforts in Simon's past to obtain police assistance would have helped to validate his reluctance to contact the police in the current situation giving Simon's point of view validity.


This is the 4th book narrated by Kale Williams that I've listened to and he's definitely a narrator that I've come to enjoy listening to and I'm looking forward to enjoying 'Lucky Town' which is the next story in this series also narrated by Kale Williams and I'm looking forward to enjoying it soon.


Overall I enjoyed this first story in Morgan Brice's 'Badland's' series and I'm looking forward to seeing what paranormal hijinx these two get up to next in Myrtle Beach and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for these two men now that they're together as partners both personally and professionally...sort of.



An audio book of 'Badlands' was graciously provided by 'Gay Book Promotions' in exchange for an honest review.