Apparently, I missed out on the first part of this story when...

Tales of Bryant - V.L. Locey

it was published in the charity anthology ‘Love For All Seasons’ last bad.  The story was titled ‘Brioche for Two’ but not to fear Ms Locey in her wisdom has included that story here in ‘Tales of Bryant’.


Along with the characters and how the author presented this story I loved how entangled ‘Bryant Park’ was with Isamu and Brian’s relationship. It was there and yet it felt like such a subtle. but strong thing connecting so much of what happens in these stories.


It’s in ‘Brioche for Two’ that we first meet Isamu Taylor the struggling film student and hard-working barista who’s had more than one fantasy about sexy, successful playboy and businessman Brian Gilles who calls to order coffee and brioche delivered to his table across the street in Bryant Park on a regular basis. For as confident and successful as he is when it comes to approaching Isamu that confidence seems to go into hiding.


I have to admit when it comes to age difference and an imbalance of power in the relationship dynamics I’m not as fast to leave the room as I use to be but I can still slip out the door with the best of them but sometimes for whatever reason a pairing or something about them will catch my eye and when I slip out of the room it’s with a copy of the book in my hands or more accurately loaded on to my e-reader and that’s what happened here.


There was something about Isamu and Brian that caught my eye and tugged at me to read…’Just read a bit more,’ my inner voice whispered ‘you know you want to.’ and what can I say I did want to, so I held out my grabby little hands and said ‘Yes, please. I would like to read this.’ and here we are…in Bryant Park watching as two men…one a film student and the other a successful ‘CTO’ do that dance that happens when two people first notice each other and while they may not be sure how…one or usually both of them know somewhere in their heart that if they’re patient and they take the time to work on it things will work, they will fit with each other in  a way that others didn’t. It will be a thing of beauty.


Each of these stories covers a season in their lives as ‘Brioche for Two’ takes us from late winter into spring where we see those first few awkward steps as Isamu and Brian begin their dance. I however realized that I was hooked before those first steps were ever taken. My heart was engaged, I wanted to see this relationship…to peek at these snapshots of their life together.


‘Towers of Moonglow’ follows these two from spring into summer as they get to know each other better, spend more time together


‘Pastels of Autumn’ gives a glimpse of Isamu and Brian’s relationship as life demands more and more making their time together more challenging to have and more precious

when they get it.


This is life…how many of us can honestly say that we haven’t had a time when we felt that the world was conspiring to keep us apart from the person, we love and want to be with the most. Haven’t wondered if they loved us enough to stay around? When we’ve questioned whether or not the price of our goals and ambitions wasn’t more than we were truly willing to pay…


Finally, in ‘Dusting of Love’ we get the answer and so much more.


Telling a story through snapshots of time like this can be a really challenging task and one that if not handled well can leave the reader feeling like maybe they didn’t get to

see all of the pictures they needed in order to get the whole story but when all was said and done I felt like I not only got to see all the right pictures, but I was left holding the photo album…all except for that one last picture…the one that’s not fully developed yet but if I’m lucky and patient it’ll be ready soon and I’ll get to see it added to the album.




An ARC of ‘Tales of Bryant’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.