More things that go bump in the night...

Burn (Witchbane #1.5) - Kale Williams, Morgan Brice

'Burn' is the second story or more accurately it's story #1.5 in Morgan Brice's 'Witchbane' series and essentially picks up where 'Witchbane' leaves off. Sonny and Seth have survived the events of Halloween and defeated the dark forces that had been determined to see Sonny sacrificed to the dark wizard and his disciples in their quest for power and eternal life. 


As Seth and Sonny begin to work at settling into a life together both men find that they are continuing to repeat their mistakes...mistakes based on experiences from their past. This combined with fighting a paranormal creature or two or maybe even twelve leads to a breakdown in communication between them and it's only through sheer determination on Sonny's part that things finally get resolved when he confronts Seth. It's not a perfect fix but more like the beginning of one and I'm sure there are going to be some rough times ahead but Sonny's persistent efforts are beginning to pay off and it feels like Seth is beginning to accept that Sonny is right where he wants to be.


While this story wasn't quite as enjoyable for me as the first one there were definite elements that I not only liked but hope to see more of in future stories...things like Seth and Sonny's interaction with some of the other hunters' in their network and I admit I'm hoping for even more relationship development between these two...maybe a bit more banter. I liked hearing Sonny step up and be a bit more assertive when Seth was hurt, not that he's by any means a shrinking violet but it was sweet to hear him get a bit protective about his man when one of the hunters asked them to go out on a mission before Seth had fully healed from the last one he'd been on.


Kale Williams is once again the narrator for the audio book, he continues to make the story all the more enjoyable with his rich narrative and character voices and I'm looking forward to joining Seth and Sonny for 'Dark Rivers' where they journey to Pittsburgh in a battle against an ancient evil that will cost them more than their lives if they lose.