Well that was a bit of a surprise....

Santori (Santori Trilogy #1) - Maris Black, J. F. Harding

'Santori' is the first book in the series of the same name that picks up where the original series 'Kage' by Maris Black leaves off.


When it came to the 'Kage' trilogy I devoured the audio books and couldn't wait to dive into 'Santori' the next part of this story and so far I'm not disappointed that I did. While the story has turned out to be very different than I'd expected it continues to be every bit as interesting, sexy and scintillating as the original stories. 


My only real issue with this book was the sense of frustration that I experienced with both Jaime and Kage...

Let's start with Kage. Honestly the man needs to stop telling Jaime how sheltered and naive he is and then perpetuating it by keeping things from him. How can anyone be expected to not be sheltered and naive when the people in their lives continually keep things from them and create an environment where they only see the sunshine and rainbows. But having said that I want Jaime to stop acting like a little kid...sorry, but getting drunk because your partner isn't giving you the attention you think they should isn't the behavior of a mature, responsible adult and this has been Jaime's go to behavior on more than one occasion.


It's pretty clear that Kage and Jaime are going through a rough patch right now but really, what couple hasn't faced it's share of challenges? I maybe frustrated with their behavior at present but my interest and enthusiasm for this series definitely hasn't waned and I'm very much looking forward to hearing what happens next for this couple.