Safeword (Power Exchange, #2)

Safeword (Power Exchange, #2) - A.J.  Rose So this is why I read books and don't write them. Sometimes in life I am lucky and I find the words to express what I feel and think. This is not one of those times. 'Power Exchange' was an amazing beginning for Gavin & Ben, it blew me away. Then came 'Safeword' and words fail me as to how I can explain the depth of this book. I cried, I raged, I laughed, I rode the worlds largest emotional roller coaster and in the end my heart ached for all who had suffered in this story and for the amazingly wonderful way that A.J. Rose showed us the strength and depth of the human spirit.I have read some incredible books that have touched my heart and made me so appreciative of the fact that I was blessed with a love of reading, 'Safeword' sits on a shelf with one other book in terms of the emotional impact that it has had on me, that book is 'Blood Memories' by Greg Iles. Unfortunately only a very small group of people who truly know me, would every understand that in my world, with my words this is the highest praise I can offer to this author for what he has written.