Power Exchange

Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose I'm really not sure I even have the ability to put together the words to explain how amazing this book was. 'Power Exchange' was a well written and attention getting story with what I felt to be two main plotlines, one a gripping murder mystery and the other a very touching love story. The meshing of these two plotlines was incredibly well done and events flowed smoothly between the two. Gavin and Ben, the MC's, were fascinating, their relationship was intense and strong. Overall the supporting characters were very well done. I loved Gavin's family and the diversity of personalities found within, coming from a large family I related to the challenges Gavin faced in dealing with their demands. Gavin's wife, oh where do I even begin...I think I'll just leave it at she was controlling and manipulative. I would love to read more about Cole and Myah, I think there's a very good story growing there as well as Jared, the owner of Collared, he fascinated me.What I appreciated as well was the way that the BDSM lifestyle was portrayed, like any lifestyle it has it's ups and downs, it's good and bad, but I was left with a more comfortable understanding and a newfound respect for the intensity of it. Reading 'Power Exchange' was like reading a movie with the author taking me smoothly from scene to scene his story playing out vividly in my mind and I look forward to 'Safeword' the next feature in this double bill.