This one was short so I'm going to keep the review short as well...

Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You - Lily G. Blunt,  Sean Crisden

"Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You" was unfortunately not the perfect story for me in spite of the fact that it was narrated by Sean Crisden, one of my favorite narrators. Overall this story just wasn't working for me. 


Sorry but in a nutshell we've got a naive young college boy hiring a rent boy to teach him about sex so he'll know what to do if his secret crush ever gives him the timeee of day and before I know it, it's the naive young college boy who's getting all pushy and toppy with the rent boy. 


I'm not even saying that this couldn't possibly happen but with only 1 hour and 8 minutes to convince me...well, I just wasn't convinced. Maybe if the story was a bit longer and might I say apparently the only thing that needed to be longer was the story everything else was "the perfect size".


This was my first time listening to a story by this author and while it didn't goes as I'd hoped there are other stories and who knows how they'll turn out. 



An audio book of 'Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You' was graciously provided by thee author via 'Gay Book Promotions' in exchange for an honest review.