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Nothing Serious - Jay Northcote, Michael S Pauley

'Nothing Serious' is another one of those books that I've read before...actually quite a while ago as in 2013, so when the chance to revisit this one on audio presented itself I decided I wanted to do just that. Unlike 'The Small Things', 'Nothing Serious' didn't quite hit the mark for me but apparently it did work better on audio than when I read it.


Michael Pauley was the narrator for this book and with 300+ books to his credit in various genres he's definitely not a new narrator or even a new to me narrator...this is my seventh audio book narrated by him and while I've enjoyed the previous selections and this one, I have to say it was a little bit of a jolt listening to a story set in England be narrated by someone with a decidedly non-British voice. But since I enjoyed the narration anyways we're not going to count this against anyone and lets just call this one a statement of fact.


Originally when I read this story I got off to a bit of a rocky start with the first part of the book and honestly I can't remember exactly what my issue was but while listening to the audio didn't make the first part of the story wonderful it seemed to go a bit better for me than when I read it and just like the first time around the second part of the story found me enjoying it more.


For me 'Nothing Serious' was a light and entertaining story and I'm good with that not every book I read needs to be deep and profound. Sometimes I just want to read a book and enjoy the story.


My biggest point of contention here was that I would have liked a little more plot than what I got. Mark and Jaime had a bit of a communication issue and Mark got sick so Jaime went and took care of him. Other than that just add some hot sex and you've got the basic gist of the story.


So yeah, a little more story would have been nice...not a big deep complex plot thank you very much, just a little touch of something more but as it was this one translated to an audio book on a much better level for me and while the e-book was only 2.5 stars I'm going with 3.5 for the audio even without the British accent.



An audio book of 'Nothing Serious' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.