Whoever said that 'all good things must come to an end...

Crescendo (Criminal Intentions: Season One #11) - Cole McCade

Needs to shut up and mind their own damned business.


Like a number of my friends I have  become totally, unapologetically, addicted to this series. I've enjoyed the individual cases contained within each story and the continued build of the overlying story arc but most of all and, I think a number of my friends will agree with me on this, what I've enjoyed is the relationship between Mal and Seong-Jae. Without a doubt this is one of the hottest, most captivating, magnetic pairings that I've encountered since...Ty and Zane (or just insert whoever floats your boat here, for me Ty and Zane will always have a spot at the top of my list).


While the mystery in this one wasn't quite as strong as previous stories I still enjoyed it and found it interesting and while I had most of it figured out earlier than usual in the story there were still a couple of details to things that surprised me so maybe not quite the usual but still a fairly solid crime. 


Meanwhile in other parts of the story we got a peek at Sade and enough to know that maybe some things would have happened differently or maybe not at all...I don't know but I have to say I'mma not happy with Mx Marcus at the moment and then there's the resident badboy, Sila...as far as this character's concerned I'mma' just gonna' say "He's batsh*t CRAZY!" and scary as f*ck!


Over the last few books we've seen Mal and Seong-Jae's relationship grow deeper and stronger  and now in this one...well, I don't know how to say this my friends but it seems we're about to take a side trip here and while I'm not entirely sure of all the whys, whens and what fors or how comes things are changing and let me just say as if I wasn't already addicted and committed to this series at this point you will have to pry the next book out of my cold dead hands before I'll not be reading it...oh wait, I'm already reading it. So yeah, that won't be happening this time around or anytime soon if I have my way because I am so on board for this whole adventure start to finish sign me up!



An ARC of "Criminal Intentions: Season 1 Episode 11, Crescendo" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.