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 The Hatter's Game: Part I (Criminal Intentions: Season One #12) - Cole McCade

"The Hatter's Game" Part I


There are so many factors coming into play with these last two stories that for anyone who hasn't read the rest of the series...and preferably in order...chances are really good that you're going to be confused. So with this one I not only suggest but endorse reading this one from the beginning so that you can follow and enjoy the show...


Just like a television show the season finale of this one is going to take two episodes and here in part one of 'The Hatter's Game' we are pulled through the wringer backwards. It's painful and you don't always get to see what's coming.


In 'Crescendo' we saw a bit of the writing on the wall for what was coming and here in the first part of 'The Hatter's Game' things really start to happen now only with Mal and Soeng-Jae but with the city of Baltimore...all hell's about to break loose and more than Mal and Seong-Jae's relationship is at risk...everything is balanced on the edge of a knife.and what happens next is in the hands of a madman and the people trying to stop him.


I pretty well held my breath from start to wait I was still holding my breath at the end of this one. I don't think I actually drew a breath of air again until I finished part II of 'The Hatter's Game'. 


So far we've seen Mal and Seong-Jae go from being partners at work to partners in all things and it's been emotionally charged to say the least these are two strong individuals trying to be a couple but also trying to retain their individuality. Mal has battled with his need know more about  and care for Seong-Jae while trying not to overwhelm him and scare him away and Seong-Jae has battled with his need to keep much of his past away from Mal without seeming like he's pushing Mal away and until now it's looked like they might be successful but now the stakes have been pushed higher as Sila ups his efforts to bring Seong-Jae back to him. 


In the beginning of 'The Hatter's Game' Sila finally steps out of the shadows and begins to show not just his true self...because we've been seeing bits and pieces of his unbalanced persona all along but we begin to see just how much influence he's had over the events that have occurred in previous stories. This time around Sila's not content to orchestrate events happening around them...this time he's taking a more direct approach.


I'm not going to get into the specifics of what happens in this story but I will say that just like in the previous episodes I was engaged from the very beginning and just like the previous stories we have a crime going on but unlike the previous stories from nearly the beginning we know that much of what's happening is in it's own way smoke and mirrors as Sila makes his last play for Seong-Jae.


While we're left sitting very precariously on the edge of a cliff...possibly hanging on by our fingertips to be honest we are fortunately not going to be there for long as the author has already released the final part of this suspense filled story and like this one I've read it and just need to add another 5 star review to this collection of suspense filled stars. 



A copy of "The Hatter's Game" Part I was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.