It's time for a little side trip to St. Nacho's...

Three Vlog Night (Plummet to Soar #3) - Z.A. Maxfield

'Three Vlog Night' is the third book in Z.A. Maxfield's 'Plummet to Soar' stories but each one of these stories are very independent of each other so reading this one can easily be done without benefit of reading the first two and you do get all the information required to understand what the connection between each of these books is and while there is a definite connection it's not anything complicated and as I said the details are contained in this story.


Ajax Fairchild appears to be the image of a spoiled rich kid and his on-line alter ego only adds to the image when he decides to pepper the airwaves with his 'truths' which are received in a less than positive manner by his listening audience, not that this bothers Ajax.


Ajax's parents may have been absent for a lot of his life but he's honestly never doubted that they love him and nothing says 'I love you son.' like bodyguards when the death threats start to roll in. So when his parents insist on the bodyguards Ajax feels obligated to indulge his parents in the expression of their worry for him. Lucky for Ajax his godfather runs one of the best security agencies around and of course he's going to assign Dmytro Kolisnychenko one of his best to guard his godson. 


Dmytro is Ajax's idea of a walking wet dream age difference and all, but it's unfortunate that Dmytro is determined to keep his distance from the young man he's assigned to protect because he's just a job and Dmytro has two sweet little girls to get back to. 


After several 'unfortunate coincidences' happen, the first one sees Ajax and his two bodyguards stranded in St. Nacho's and from there things keep escalating until they get shot at and Ajax and his bodyguards find themselves being herded onto one of the companies yachts by a back-up security team with assurances that things were under control and Ajax's stalker would be caught...well it was a nice thought but that's what it remains a thought because the next thing Ajax and Dmytro know things have gone from bad to worse.


For me one of the best things about this story was that Dmytro and Ajax...or at least Dmytro truly made an effort to not lose sight of the fact that he was on a job and Ajax was his assignment no matter how attracted he was to Ajax, his first priority was to keep him safe. So in the scheme of things what this means is there's little to no sex in this story I'ma just saying in this instance it fits the story to a point.


I liked the little detour to St. Nacho's and I admit would have loved more time there with the residents but hey that's just my wishful thinking because this isn't a St. Nacho' story but still it was nice to have a little peek at a place that I'm more than a little fond of.


Now as for Ajax and Dmytro. Overall this relationship worked for me. it wasn't a case of insta-love more like disdain to tolerance to 'I might like you' to 'oh hell you're hot and I want to see where things go with you' at least for Dmytro. While for Ajax it was more like 'you're a jerk but hot and I want to climb you like a tree' to 'ok, maybe I like you' to 'oh hell you're hot and yes, I want to climb you like a tree and let's explore how we feel about each other'. Now if we could have just gotten a bit more of the exploring the relationship part because this was the part that kept me from really loving this story I liked the the whole stalker part of the story but I felt a little short changed on the romance part of things what I got wasn't quite as much as what I was hoping for.


However, at the end of it all this was still an easy and enjoyable read that offered some interesting characters and getting from start to finish was no hardship.



An ARC of 'Three Vlog Night' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.