I can’t say that I’ve read every book that R.J. Scott’s written...

Montana Sky (Montana #6) - RJ Scott

I have tried and I promise I’ll keep working on it but in the meantime I can say that my list of favorite books by this author has just gotten an adjustment because ‘Montana Sky’ just blindsided me. I loved this book.


‘Montana Sky’ is the story that has brought much of this series full circle. Martin shows up at the Crooked Tree Ranch needing the answer to just one question from Justin and then he’s going to move on or at least that’s what his plan is, but it seems that Justin and Karma each have a different plan for him and suddenly Martin finds he’s unable to move on quite as quickly as he’d like. Especially when Karma’s plan turns out to be a sexy, adorable geologist who keeps crossing Martin’s path and making him want things he doesn’t think he deserves.


Whether it’s her ‘Texas’ series, Sanctuary series or one of many other series or standalone stories Ms. Scott has consistently created stories with characters that have entertained and delighted me, often times making me laugh and cry as they find their way into my heart and with this latest addition to her Montana series I have added Tyler and Martin to that growing list. While I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed this story, I was totally blindsided by how much my heart broke for Martin…I cried more than a few tears for him…possibly more than any other character in this series and I have only two words to say to that…Justin, Adam. And then add Tyler who is without a doubt one of the sexiest, most adorable geeks to grace a story in a while to this mix and you’ve got a story that’s guaranteed to capture a reader’s heart.


‘Montana Sky’ is a story about second chances, starting over, finding forgiveness and a family and ultimately finding love. With Martin, Ms. Scott created a character who was broken and struggling to keep going but with Tyler she brought hope and healing back to Martin’s life and ultimately a love that he’d never felt he was deserving of. But what really worked for me in all of this was the fact that it wasn’t Tyler who fixed Martin…nope, aside from Martin himself if anyone deserved any credit for the healing that Martin was able to begin doing it was Justin and Adam, but Tyler did help Martin find the desire to try and that’s not a bad thing. There are many things in this world that a person needs to do for themselves but sometimes why a person starts doing something isn’t as important as the fact that they started. Martin came to Crooked Tree Ranch looking for closure on his past not realizing that by doing this, he would find the start of a future that he never knew was waiting for him.


For me ‘Montana Sky’ is one of those stories that just works and works well and while it was definitely a case of right day, right story, it was also a case of a really well written story and one that I very strongly recommend but with a strong caution to read this series in order to maximize both reader enjoyment and understanding of events and character connections.




An ARC of ‘Montana Sky’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.