Tigerland - Sean Kennedy "I reached forward and grabbed Dec’s hand. It pulled him back a little and he turned, surprised. Then he smiled, a smile so full of love and tenderness it seemed to be brighter than everything around us – the white sand, the sun reflecting off the surface of the waves—it could envelop me and swallow me whole. The mantra I often repeat to myself in one of those rare moments of PDA begins: This is for those times when I want to take his hand, or he wants to take mine,but we don't feel safe enough. This is for those times other couples get to take for granted, but we have to snatch in limited amounts when they become available to us. This is for those times when I can't do such a simple thing as hold the hand of Dec as the tiniest gesture of affection and to show him how much I love him." This is why I think Simon Murray is the best thing to ever happen to Declan Tyler, this is why I love Simon and Declan together. They do what all couples should they bring out the best in each other.Tigerland is the second of Sean Kennedy's books about Simon & Declan and while I loved the first book and would absolutely recommend reading it to anyone. Tigerland is the book that made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night rage at the unfairness of the media to Simon and Declan and cry in between. Maybe not as dramatic as some books, no big mystery plot but this book was filled with wonderful characters especially the MC's. The author creates a vividly drawn portrait against a beautiful Australian background of two men trying to have a normal life together, simply wanting to live, love, laugh and survive the day to day world like everyone else only to have the past keep dogging their heels. I was unable to put down my e-reader until the last page had been read and while there are no epic, detailed sex scenes, there is also not doubt of the passion and love shared by these two men. Thank you, Mr Kennedy for sharing this beautiful story with the world. Anyone looking to read a true love story would not be disappointed if they read your books.