Let's Hear it for the Boy

Let's Hear it for the Boy - T.A. Webb 5 Stars because that's all there are. I thought I was ready for this, I read the reviews, I had my box of kleenex at the ready. But no what I discovered is that there is no being ready for something like this. If you have ever lost someone to AIDS or any of the other diseases out there that feel the need to ravage strong, healthy bodies and minds before taking the ultimate toll, than be prepared that this will tear you apart and leave you crying and bleeding from the heart. I lost my dearest friend in the world, someone I had known for over 25 years nearly 5 years ago and reading this story has left me feeling like I lived it all yesterday and the wounds are fresh again and so are the memories, all the wonderful times that we had together. I read this amazing story, then I sat and I remembered and yes I am still crying, some tears are sad, many are happy tears of better times before the disease took it's toll on her. Tom, thank you for sharing this with all of us, giving us a glimpse into the lives of these beautiful men and for reminding some of us to always hold dear to our hearts the amazing people who have passed through our lives.