It's here, it's here...the big day is finally here...

Save the Date - V.L. Locey, RJ Scott

I have loved this series so much from start to finish and where we started was with Madsen and Tennant in 'Changing Lines'. and now we've come full circle to 'Save the Date' where we join Mads, Ten and pretty much the rest of the team to share in their big's time for Mads and Ten to say "I do."


There's not a complex story line here just a lot of wedding antics, a bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun as Mads and Ten enlist the help of friends and family to help pull off a wedding to remember.


With only a couple of weeks left until the big day both men are going crazy they want to have the big day...not plan it and when things seem to go from bad to worse and progress doesn't seem to be getting made in the planning department...enter Trent...figure skater and planner extraordinaire.


It's with Trent's frenetic but well intentioned help that things start to come together and then we have friend to Ten and the other saving grace when wedding plans keep collapsing.


For anyone who hasn't read this series just do it before you tackle this one. It's not that you won't be able to follow what's happening but more that it's everything that's come before that leads to this story...this day for these two men that helps to make it as special as it is.


I loved that as this story progressed we got a little peek at the characters from previous stories from Layton and Adler whom we met in the second book to Bryan Delaney and Gatlin Pearce the tattoo artist who won Bryan's heart in the final pairing of this series...they're all here whether it's in a more supportive role like Trent who drags Mads and Ten through the planning process...kicking and screaming so to speak or as a guest at the wedding. Mads and Ten are determined to share their big day with all of the important people in their lives...even their fans...have been invited to attend the wedding of the season. 


It's wedding season and this is one wedding that Railers fans won't want to take the time and enjoy the day.



An ARC of 'Save the Date' was graciously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.