I wish this had worked better for me but sadly...

Protecting Braden (Custos Securities Series Book 2) - Luna David, Tristan James

if anything I liked it even less than the first book. The story had potential but unfortunately it got lost in the execution. I wanted characters that had depth and dimension, people who were relatable and felt real...sadly what I got felt pretty flat.


'Protecting Braden' was 10 hours and 30 minutes of a story that probably could have been told in 4 if we didn't have to listen to Cade and Braden repeatedly tell the world just how wonderful the other one was and how lucky they were to find each other and how much they loved each other...seriously I got the message after the first dozen or so times that I heard it and after a while I was definitely beginning to wonder who they were really trying to convince.


Unfortunately in spite of all the drama of Braden once again being kidnapped, people being shot, Braden back in the hospital yet again and on and on. Somehow it always felt like Cade and Braden were just carrying on with their ideal little lives and everything was sunshine, lollipops and roses and nothing really touched them...there were no gut clenching, riveting moments that left me feeling like anybody was ever truly at risk and considering some of what happened in this story...that's really kind of sad.


So, while I've still got the third book to listen to and as much as I do enjoy the narrator for this series I think I'm just going to tuck my rose colored glasses away for a bit and give this one a break before tackling that last story that hopefully will work a bit better for me...it's not the same MCs so I'm going to remain ever the optimist on this one.