It may not be the yellow brick road but there's still a witch or two on the trail...

Treasure Trail - Morgan Brice

In ‘Treasure Trail’ Ms Brice takes us to the vacation town of Port May where we meet Simon Kincaide’s best friend Erik as he starts his life over as the blogger for the Treasure Trail Blog and the new owner of ‘Trinkets’ antique store. We met Erik briefly via the phone in ‘Badlands’ the series that started all these ghostly adventures and in fact if you read the authors notes at the end of this book you’ll discover that as well as Erik and his best friend Simon, who were first introduced to us in ‘Badlands’, we are introduced to a few other characters from previous books by Morgan Brice/Gail Z. Martin.


I’m a total fan of having characters cross over into other series. I just love the challenge of reading a story and spotting a character or an event that connects one book or series to another it’s just one of those quirky things that I enjoy.


So far I’ve really enjoyed both the ‘Badlands’ and ‘Witchbane’ series but ‘Treasure Trail’ for me was just even more enjoyable than either of those first two series…make no mistake I have every intention of continuing to read both of those series, I just liked this one even better.


I loved Erik and Ben. It’s not that often that we get two characters with such similar backgrounds as they have and yet with enough differences to keep them each unique as well. Erik’s looking to escape the life he’s been leading for years travelling the world uncovering art frauds and relic thefts dealing with society’s worst…the wealthy side of it but still not the kind of people you’d want to have over for dinner. While Ben’s leaving behind a life as an undercover cop turned P.I. after leaving the police force after nearly getting killed when an assignment ended badly. Both men have also been burned by their life partners as well so they’re both guarding their heart’s but fates brought them both to Port May.


It doesn’t take long for Erik and Ben to suddenly find themselves with their hands full between trying to get settled into their individual lives in Port May, suddenly finding themselves at the center of 3 cold cases that seem to be heating up and trying to start a new relationship to see where their mutual attraction will take them it’s a small wonder that both men become frustrated at the number of rain checks they keep finding they owe each other…I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be one torrential down pour when they finally get to cash them in.


I absolutely loved this book from the minute I started reading the story had me hooked. As much as I enjoyed the interactions between Erik and Ben, I was also thoroughly enchanted with the town of Port May and it’s citizens…from Erik’s neighbor, Susan to the lighthouse keeper to the local constabulary and more than a few residents who all seem to have their own unique psychic abilities they all came together to create a reading experience that I can’t wait to get more of.


While I’m not usually a fan of paranormal stories and these stories definitely fall under that umbrella I don’t find them to be overly dark and depressing which makes them the kind of paranormal story that I enjoy reading.




An ARC of ‘Treasure Trail’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.