Fact is...I like Andrew Grey...

Heart Untouched - Andrew  Grey, Greg Tremblay

and when you add Greg Tremblay as the narrator to one of his stories what you get is several hours of listening enjoyment. Admittedly I think Mr. Tremblay could read a dictionary and make it sound like one of the best stories you've heard in a long time...I kid you not and I'm sure that several of my friends who like audio books would back me up on that statement. The man is just that damned good.


I've read quite a few books by Andrew Grey and now I'm quite enjoying myself by working my way through the titles that are being released on audio...so opportunity knocked and like the good little audio book enthusiast that I've become of course I answered the door. 


'Heart Untouched' is book #3 in the 'Hearts Entwined' series and we've met both Duncan and Todd in previous stories as minor characters but now it's their turn to make a grab for the brass ring. Duncan's trying to get his life back on track after a sporting accident that's left him confined to a wheelchair...his dreams of Olympic gold are now dust in the wind, while Todd's still chasing that dream he's also got another dream that he's not willing to give up and that's a dream of having more than just friendship with Duncan, but he also wants to help his friend find a new direction for his life one that helps him to use what Todd knows is a hella' creative mind.


The relationship between Duncan and Todd was my absolute favorite thing about this story. I loved the bond of friendship that they started with and that Todd was so determined to help Duncan and how he was doing this. He never tried to tell Duncan what he had to do but he was supportive and encouraging of the fact that he believed in Duncan and that he had the ability to do whatever it was that he set his mind to. Todd's patience and persistence in his efforts to make Duncan see that he loved Duncan spoke volumes to the strength of both his love and their friendship. 


The conflict and tension in this story was essentially created by Duncan's problem with a former friend and problems that were created for Todd by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and this was the part of the story that allowed us to once again see how the men at the garage come together as family to care and protect each other. 


'Heart Untouched' is a light and enjoyable read/listen with a solid story to it and while it's not as emotional or intense as some books for me it fulfills it's goal which is to read/listen to a story has entertained me and leaves me feeling good...mission accomplished.



An audio  book of 'Heart Untouched' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.