Sexy men, a library full of books and homemade bread...sign me up...

Kneading You - C.S. Poe

Christopher Hughes has recently moved to Lancaster, New Hampshire a place that he's hoping will feel like, if he could just find a job there so that he could afford a home.


Miles Sakasai is the local handyiman who's been hired to help fix the library up in an effort to bring it into the present so that they can get continued funding and keep the library open.


When Chris and Miles meet their attraction is instant and neither man has any commitments to keep them from following their attraction to see where it leads them.


As a reader it seems to me that one of the hardest things for an author to do is to write a short story that not only engages the reader but has believable relationships and for me, Ms Poe has succeeded with this story.


"Kneading You' is not the first trip to Lancaster, New Hampshire that this author has taken me 'The Color of You' we visited the local high school where we met Bowen Merlin, the new school band leader and Felix Hanson, proprietor of the local apple orchard and were treated to their love story and then in 'Joy' Ms Poe shared the story of Gideon Joy a down on his luck traveler who finds himself stuck in Lancaster and rescued from an encounter with a moose by construction worker Silas Bright. 


While 'Kneading You' is the shortest of these three tales the author has still managed to keep it every bit as enjoyable as the previous two stories and I can honestly say I'd love to have at least one more story and that's one where these 3 adorable couples who all live in this small town meet and become friends...somehow, for me it just seems like it would be a good thing.



A copy of 'Kneading You' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.