Get your motor runnin'...

Running on Empty - S.E. Jakes, Mark Larchmont

 Get your motor runnin'...

                   ...Head out on the highway...

                                           ..Lookin' for adventure


ok, I admit it without fail if I come across a book about motorcycle clubs...Steppenwolf's 'Born to be Wild' becomes firmly planted in my brain...for my generation it is synonymous with the motorcycle clubs from the 60s...clubs like Hell's Angels, Satan's Choice, The Outlaws, Last Chance and Bandidos and I can honestly say I don't think those MCs are what this author is writing about and that's a good thing, however, these gangs are what are known as the 1 percenters in otherwords these are the bikers who live on the wrong side of the law and they are in this story...they're just not the focus of it simply part of the conflict. But still here I am with 'Born to be Wild' and Peter Fonda's movie 'Easy Rider' bouncing around in my head.


In 'Running Blind' we met Bram who was working undercover and looking for his brother Linc who coincidentally is also undercover and we learned that Linc was held captive by The Heathens, a rival MC to Havoc. Havoc rescued him but it's not until here in 'Running on Empty' that we get the rest of Linc's story.


Havoc member Mercy was involved with Linc before he was kidnapped and he still cares for him but things are more than a little complicated for these two men and it's a fine line they're walking in this dance they're doing as they try to find their way back to each other.


While Mercy and Linc's relationship is central to the story there's another story happening here as the men of the Havoc MC prepare to defend themselves from rival gangs and Linc's old job as an undercover agent may turn out to be the key to Havoc winning this war.


In general this story grabbed my interest and held it quicker and more solidly than the previous two books. I was all in from start to finish on this one. Mark Larchmont was once again the narrator which I think also helped me to become more invested in the story as the character voice's held a more familiar tone and I was more readily able to distinguish who was speaking. 


At this point I'm actually hoping that the authors going to do more with this series since there were some MC members in this one that we saw more of and I for one would love for them to get their own story and for me...Van is at the top of that list...a girl can hope right?


And for those of you who aren't Steppenwolf fans and because it's even more appropriate to this book there's always Jackson Browne's 'Running on Empty' (you can hear the song in it's entirely on YouTube)...

Running on, running on empty
Running on, running blind
Running on, running into the sun
But I'm running behind



An audio book of 'Running on Empty' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.