It's time to check out the audio version....

Single (Single Dads #1) -  Sean Crisden, RJ Scott

I really enjoyed reading this story in e-book format. I don't imagine it comes as a surprise to anyone who follows my reviews that I'm definitely an RJ Scott fan. While I can't say I've read all of her books, I can say I'm giving it my best shot and I'm doing the same for the audio releases especially when they're narrated by Sean Crisden, who just happens to be one of my favorite narrators.


So here we go once again heading bravely into that scary world of not just new parenthood but new and single parenthood with Ash. Who quite honestly didn't annoy me nearly as much this time and maybe that's because I took a few moments to ponder that same time in history in my life, although I was lucky enough to have a partner to share all the trials and tribulations with and I think remembering that helped me to realize that quite honestly Ash's world was just a little bit scarier than mine. I do know I never owned 4 strollers which I have to admit I found that mildly amusing and not in a bad way. 


As cliche as this may sound being a parent is both the hardest and most rewarding challenge a person can ever have. if you're lucky and you get a few things right than you get see a cute and very dependent baby grow and become this amazing person before your eyes it's a pretty awe inspiring event. So for Ash to be nervous and worried and yes...even a little bit paranoid really isn't an inappropriate response to whats going on in his life. He simply wants to be the best parent he can be for little Mia and it's a lot of responsibility for two people much less one. 


I found myself becoming even more of a fan of Ash's neighbors Ash's love interest doctor Sean and his housemates paramedic Eric, officer Leo and his dog Cap. These men were all simply awesome I'd love to have them for neighbors. I mean seriously how safe would you feel with this trio living right next door? and the author's created a trio of genuinely nice and sexy, nice guys but definitely nice guys.


Sean's gently patience was the perfect balance for Ash's new parent paranoia and anxiety and I loved the interactions between these two men. Theirs was a sweet and low angst story of romance meeting the real life of being a parent.


With Sean Crisden as the narrator and the sweet and slow burn that Ash and Sean's (the character not the narrator) relationship developed at, Ms Scott has once again created a series that I'm already a big fan of and looking forward to enjoying more of.