Sometimes no matter how deep you bury something it doesn't stay buried...

What Lies Beneath - RJ Scott

Sawyer Wiseman left Lancaster Falls for the challenge of career on the Chicago Police Force…it turned out to be a challenge that nearly cost him his life and left him broken and returning to his hometown seeking a place where he can heal and still have a career in law enforcement…just not one that might cost him everything.


Chris Lassiter has written two bestselling horror stories and is under pressure to produce the third and final story in his trilogy…if he could just manage to put together something worth reading much less making into a movie. Having grown up in a small town very much like Lancaster Falls, he still knows what life in a small town is like.

When Sawyer’s boss sends him out to check on the person staying in the Dwyer cabin, he’s expecting an elderly recluse or some such thing not a hot as hell author struggling with writer’s block. Chris is instantly drawn to the sexy, small town cop and he’s more than willing to let it be known, it’s just to bad Sawyer thinks it’s not the best idea he’s had this week regardless of how attractive he finds the reclusive author.


‘What Lies Beneath’ is the first book in R.J. Scott’s latest release and while I haven’t read everything this author has written…believe me I’m working on it…this one feels very different from what Ms Scott usually gives us and I do mean this in the best of ways.  The setting for this story is small town America and it’s a perfect setting as anyone who ever grew up or even lived in a small town can tell you…one of the most interesting things about them is that while everyone may know everyone else’s business no place has more secrets or keeps them better than a small town…until it doesn’t. 

And just like any small town Lancaster Falls is rife with interesting characters from Sawyer’s less than scrupulous boss and his friend the mayor to the churches minister and his wife and so many people in between, because this is a small town, they all beg the questions…what do you know and how are you involved?


I am so taken with this first story…WOW!!! Simply wow!!! There’s a lot going on and just about the time I felt like maybe I was starting to figure some things out didn’t Ms Scott throw me a curve ball and there I am back at the beginning trying to re-connect the dots. I’m going to be upfront about this for my friends who prefer not to do cliff-hangers  until the series is complete…there’s a lot of unanswered questions at the end of this one so the view from that cliff is hella’, hella’ interesting.


There’s also a romance going on here and it’s…well…it’s sweet and steamy and filled with passion but at the same time there’s something about it that’s a little bit understated and just so down to earth. I love this pairing Chris and Sawyer are both adults they’ve had life experiences, relationships that haven’t worked and while I’m not opposed to age gaps, sometimes it’s just nice to read a story where the MCs are essentially the same age.


I love that while we may have answers to some things at the end of each story, I’m also left with the feeling that there’s a bigger overlying story arch that won’t be complete until the final book and if the following books are as good as this one I’m cool with that. Sure, I’m as anxious as the next person to find out what happened and why but anything worth having is also worth waiting for in my world’s good to have something to look forward to…but…


Thankfully, the next book is due for release in the fall…so just a couple of months to go and I can wait...honest, I can…sorta’…kinda’…almost…is it fall yet?



An ARC of 'What Lies Beneath' was graciously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.