I may have been late to the party for this series...but...

One-Eyed Royals - Cordelia Kingsbridge, Wyatt Baker

I'm so glad I came. 'One-Eyed Royals' is the fourth book in Cordelia Kingsbridge's 'Seven of Spades' series and once again I've enjoyed listening to Wyatt Baker provide the voices and narration for the fourth book in this series.


One of the things that I always hope for when I'm listening to a series on audio is that I'll have the same narrator from start to finish...well, provided I like the narrator that is and suffice it to say that here I am with just one more book to go and after very happily having the same narrator for the first four books, I definitely have my fingers crossed that this doesn't change. I've not only enjoyed Wyatt Baker's narration for these stories so far but for me his voices have become the voices of Levi and Dominic and I'm really hoping that this won't change.


This one started just a few weeks after the ending of 'Cash Plays' where we were left with Levi and Dom's each struggling with their personal demons and a relationship that was in shreds. While some time may have passed between then and now, it's not been enough to change anything for Levi and Dom or the Seven of Spades, who's still terrorizing the city of Los Vegas. Only this time the SoS is taking things to an even more personal level, where Levi's concerned, when it comes to their victims.


Originally my plan as to read this series but as is sometimes the case time got away from me and the next thing I knew the audio books were available, so with all the awesome reviews out there the one thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted to enjoy this series and the other thing that I knew for sure was that I'd get there quicker with the audio books so here I am all caught up...hush now, book 5 isn't on audio...yet, so yes I'm technically all caught up. But rest assured when that 5th book is released on audio, I will be all over that one.


While I ended up enjoying this story just as much as the previous books, I do admit that 'One-Eyed Royals' got off to a bit of a shaky start for me. While I had thought I was prepared for the relationship angst that would come in this one and for the most part I was I found both Levi and Dom's behavior a bit frustrating at the beginning of the story. Don't get me wrong neither of them really behaved any differently than I'd thought they might but it seems that didn't stop me from being frustrated with their behavior. Fortunately this didn't last and before I knew it I was back on board with things and totally enjoying the story.


'Seven of Spades' is one of those series that the reader needs to read in order and start from the beginning to really grasp all the details and intricacies of the story and for me that was made vividly clear with the change that occurred in the SoS's choice of victims. The killer's always had a special affinity for Levi but this time around things become even more personal for Levi, making him even more determined to bring the Seven of Spades killer to justice but there's another case that keeps Levi and Dom crossing paths and ultimately has an equally strong personal connection for Levi. 


This one was action packed and busy...at times I needed a score card to keep track of who was killing whom but in the end once the dust settled it was the 'Seven of Spades' who stepped into the spotlight and set everyone straight. 


There's just one more book to go in this series to find out how things end for Levi, Dom and the Seven of Spades killer and as disappointed as I am to have this end because it's been a hella' good ride. I'm equally as curious to know the things...all the things.



An audio book of 'One-Eyed Royals' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.