Back in March this was the first of my summertime stories...

Family Camp - Eli Easton, Matthew Shaw

and now as summer comes to a close it seems that I’m going to wrap up the warm weather season with this story on audio.


So here I sit at what is nearly the end of summer and the end of this book once again feeling all warm and mushy and a puddle of summer lovin’ goo! I’ve I loved sweet, nerdy, sexy, school teacher, Geo and hot, successful baseball star Travis before I adore them all the more now for the depth that Matthew Shaw has given to them with his narration. These two men are every bit as hot on audio as they were on page or e-reader screen as the case may be.


‘Family Camp’ is a story of a summer love that became something more. Geo and Travis meet for the first time when Geo runs out of gas and Travis comes to his rescue. While these men come from very different backgrounds…Travis is adopted and stays firmly in his closet despite having a large and loving family, while may not be leading any Pride Parades he’s also not in the closet and is an only child with loving parents.


I loved how instinctively supportive Geo and Travis were of each other…neither of them had to ask for this, it was instinctive for them…if you love someone, then you’ve got their back. It’s not a ‘lover’s thing or a married couples thing…it’s a sibling thing, a parent thing…ultimately it’s a friend thing and for as fast as the romance happened it was grounded in friendship, one of the best foundations for any relationship that I can think of.


‘Family Camp’ is a sweet, low angst story and while there was a little bit of miscommunication between our MCs it didn’t  become over the top, blown out of proportion drama because the MCs were adult enough to talk it out, rather than ass-u-me they knew everything. So, in the end it all came down to a case of miscommunication without lack of communication to blowing it out of proportion and for me this felt like a real-life thing.


As well as the romance between Geo and Travis the story focuses on Geo’s efforts to solidify his relationship with Jayden and Lucy. Geo’s whole being resonated with not just how much he wanted a family but how much he wanted that family to begin with Jayden and Lucy.  He’s someone that any child would be blessed to have in their lives.

The fact that I frequently found myself sitting back, closing my eyes and picturing the whole summer camp scene and letting much of the book playout like a movie in my mind’s eye speaks to the fact that the narrator did a solid job narrating this audio book, since one of my favorite things about audio books is that I can listen to them while I’m working on one of my craft projects whether it’s needlework or quilting.


Even though I missed out on the camp experience as a child Matt Shaw’s narration of Ms Easton’s ‘Family Camp’ has made my experience at ‘Camp Evermore’ with it’s s’mores, campfires, scary stories and campy camp songs one of the highlights of my summer reading experiences.




An audio book of ‘Family Camp’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.