I can't say that this is the best story in the series...but...

Fish on a Bicycle - Amy Lane

I can say without reservation that for me, this is the best story to date and believe me when I say that's not an easy statement to make because I absolutely love this series. I have loved every word of every book.


Is this the best series ever written...I don't know and I really think that's a very subjective decision to be made but for me this series is absolutely delightful and I have read and/or listened to the audio books several times and I admit it, I wasn't even finished with this book before I started wondering how soon the audio book will be available.


If you read the last book than you know Jackson and Ellery were both left pretty battered and bruised at the end of things and to top it all off. The law firm that Ellery was with has cut him loose and without hesitation Jackson and Jade let them know how they felt about it when they resigned with a touch of class that only Jackson and Jade could manage.


There's a lot going on in this story with the new office and proving Henry's innocence and keeping their relationship on track and keeping Jackson in one piece because this man needs a village just to do that.


So here we are at the start of a new book and there's a new law office in town or there will be soon...but needless to say their first case isn't going to wait until they've officially opened their doors...so enter...Henry...some of you may recognize this name from one of Ms Lane's other series namely 'The Johnnies' and I have to admit I'm not part of that group but I plan on remedying that oversight one day soon. However, it does put me in the position of being able to say that you can easily read this story without benefit of having read 'The Johnnies' so carry on reading my friends you'll be fine.


As Ellery and Jackson race to prove that Henry didn't commit a murder that someone seems to really, really want Henry to take the fall for Jackson is also forced to take a closer look at who he is and what he wants but more importantly he has to come to come to grips with what he needs to do to get it because more than anything Jackson wants his dream the one that gives him his happily ever after with Ellery. 


I really can't say that I have a favorite when it comes to Ellery and Jackson...just that I adore them both for different reasons but one of the things that I really love about Ellery is how determined he is to be the man that Jackson needs. On paper I'm not sure that Jackson and Ellery would work but in their world they work and they work well.


As I mentioned before I haven't read Ms Lane's 'Johnnies' series, not that hit hasn't been on my radar because it has and the glimpse that I got of some of the characters from that series in this story has convinced me that I need to remedy this situation and I'm sure that once I do, I'll be revisiting this story and enjoying it even more than I did the first time.


For as much as I enjoyed the mystery in this story and I did really enjoy it, I loved the growth that happened with and between Jackson and Ellery and for as much as I enjoyed this story and I totally loved this one...I also loved what came after the story...you see there's a bonus in this book after it's all said and done Ms Lane has given us more...LUCY SATAN!!! Otherwise known as Ellery's mom. Without fail she is my favorite book mother. This woman is simply the best. She's my role model and if my son ever says that I'm just like Lucy Satan than I'll know I did good.


Of all the m/m stories that I've read and there have been a few, if I had to list my top ten favorite couples Jackson and Ellery would absolutely be on that list and very probably in the top 5.



An ARC of "Fish on a Bicycle" was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.