Well this was just full of warm fuzzies and sweet fun...

Life According to Liam - V.L. Locey

The second to last thing that Mike Kneller ever expects to happen is that super sexy Bryn Mettler, superstar goalie for the Pittsburgh Ravens, Mike’s absolute favorite hockey team would read his blog because the absolute last thing he could imagine happening would be that said super sexy goalie would want to date him.


Bryn’s got no illusions that he’s leading a charmed life, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting just one more thing…someone to share that life with. Someone that he can really connect with because they see past the ‘star athlete’ and can connect with the man.


When Mike’s blog ‘Life According to Liam’ is initially brought to Bryn’s attention he begins to watch it as an entertaining way to fill his time when the teams away on road trips, but the more he reads and sees as he follows the blog, the more he feels drawn to Mike’s warmth and humor and the more determined he is to convince Mike that he is who he says he is and that Mike should give him a chance and go out on a date.


‘Life According to Liam’ is a sweet story about two people from very different walks of life finding each other and discovering love. Mike and Bryn are both very likable characters, who happen to also be surrounded by some pretty awesome people. Mike’s sister, Kelly and her son, Liam who is the inspiration for Mike’s blog. Brynn’s teammates and their spouses.


I very much liked that the relationship between Mike and Bryn felt like it was built as much on the friendship that they developed as it was on their mutual attraction, when these two men finally got together the sexy times were hot and at times humorous which for me was perfect. I’m a big fan of having fun and enjoying the lighter side of things both in and out of the bedroom.


Overall I really enjoyed the pacing of this story with the exception of the part where the relationship goes from ‘I really like you and I’m pretty sure that you’re the one I want to spend my life with.’ to ‘let’s live together’ this all happened just a bit too fast for me or maybe I’m just being greedy in wanting to enjoy more Mike and Bryn time.


Other than this things worked for me and if the story started to feel like it was slowing down I was able to count on Liam to keep things moving, which also worked perfectly for me and I think that anyone who’s ever spent any time with a 4 year old would agree when I say that if you have a young child in your life it’s pretty much a given that they’re going to keep things interesting. Liam definitely revived more than a few of my own memories of ‘life with a 4 year old’, which only added to the warm fuzzy feeling that this story left me with.


‘Life According to Liam’ is a feel good story with essentially zero conflict or angst and lots of warm fuzzy feels. Definitely recommended for anyone who’s ever needed to have their plumber on speed dial!




An ARC of ‘Life According to Liam’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.