While I’ve had some touch and go moments with this series...

Nothing Special V - A.E. Via, Aiden Snow

each story has given me something that I’ve really enjoyed and/or found compelling enough to make me want to keep reading, so for me if I can come away with at least a few memorable things from a story it’s a win from there all that remains to be determined is ‘how much of  a win’.


It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that for me this series seems to be on a roll as each book is becoming successively more enjoyable and while the last two books have gotten 3.5 stars from me this one gets a solid 4 stars from me.


I think in many ways this book was just what the series needed for me it felt a bit more relationship focused rather than police story. While I enjoy a good mystery or crime drama I also enjoy a story that gives me relationships that I can watch and enjoy the progression of and I got that in spades with ‘Nothing Special V’ plus there were some wonderfully humorous moments as God and Day prepared to tie the knot and the team gets a new member or two while other members of the team make a bid for changes to their job description. It may be all in a days work but even God’s got limits on how many days he can work with out rest (I hear it’s around 6).


When Edwin Steele’s uncle, councilman Rasmus Steele shows him a video tape of God’s team, knowing that this is the team that he needs to be on if he’s ever going to find his faith restored, Edwin’s a little more dubious about his uncle’s convictions. But one look at Tech the team’s technology/computer genius he concedes that maybe he needs to at least give things a chance.


Tech is left speechless when the gorgeous RECON marine greets him and when he finally remembers how to use his words, the words he use may be meant to impress but what comes out causes a world of hurt for Edwin Steele as Tech blurts out more information about Steele’s past than he should possibly be able to find out.


Tech and Steele get off to a very rocky start but the attraction’s strong and both men are determined to get past the awkward first meeting and see where things can go. These two men have quickly become my favorite pairing in this series. Although the couple that’s coming in the next book may give Tech and Steele a run for their money, but we’ll discuss this a little later.


Ok, to recap…so far we’ve got God and Day trying to get their act together in regards to their wedding nuptials and get ready to testify in court and of course that’s not the only complication being presented by their day job…after all they are cops and there might have been a huge drug bust that went a little sideways resulting in the death of a major drug dealer and Ro getting shot. We’ve got Tech and Steele playing an interesting game of ‘come here, come here, come here, no get away, get away, get away’ it’s a fun game. Sssoooo….you’d think this would be enough to keep these team of alpha males busy… right? Nope, not even close…because in the midst of all this drama who should wander in but Day’s old college friend/lover, Prescott Vaughan. Interesting little side note here…the first book that I ever read by this author was ‘You Can See Me’ which is Prescott’s story, so needless to say, I was a bit of a geek about him showing up in this story. So yes, this definitely gave the story another plus for me and if you think I’m finally done well…nope, wrong again there’s still more and for me it’s a biggie…


It’s the thing that solidified this story’s position my favorite so far for me…first we get to see a bit more of SWAT team leader, Ivan Hart and while he’s been in previous stories this character hasn’t really grabbed my interest a whole lot but he did this time in part this was due to his interactions with the other new member of God and Day’s team one Lennox Freeman (otherwise called ‘Free’). We really only get little bits and pieces of these two men here but  those bits and pieces were enough to get me back to audible.com to look for that book on audio and oh happy me ‘His Hart’s Command’, #6 in the ‘Nothing Special’ series is out and on audio and has the same narrator as the previous books which for me is a total delight to know because 1. I really love the continuity of the same narrator for a series and 2. Aiden Snow has done a stellar job of giving voice to this collection of bold, brash, alpha males and their world.




An audio book of ‘Nothing Special V’ was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.