It's a Campbell-Hayes Christmas...

Home For Christmas (Texas #9) -  Sean Crisden, RJ Scott

"Home For Christmas" is really more of a 'Texas the next generation' story. While Jack and Riley are present and accounted for they really aren't the focus of this story. This one is about their son Connor and this boy's not only all grown up he falling and he's falling hard for one River Samson.


Connor and River are like night and day when it comes to their family background.  Connor knows he's been blessed. He's a part of a loving, supportive and very in your face family...after all he's a Campbell-Hayes. River doesn't have a family...he doesn't even really know who or where they are it there is any and he's got a few other issues besides...he was addicted to drugs before he was even born...gee, thanks mom! But he's also got a lot more going for him than even he realizes...he's incredibly smart and artistically talented and while he does have some health issues to deal with if he takes his meds and looks after himself he does ok...ok enough to be a member of the dive team and according to Connor he's not hard on the eyes...and now comes the part where I borrow from my original review and really I could spin my gears here trying to be verbally creative but really why? My review of the e-book said what I wanted it to and as well as my thoughts and feelings not having changed I truly don't think I could express myself any better...

Texas #9 is as always about the ‘Campbell-Hayes’ family but it’s the next generation of the ‘Campbell-Hayes’ clan. At 22 years of age Connor and his friend River are both finishing their studies and getting ready to go out into he world. River knows what he wants to do…he’s going to spend a year working as a volunteer in Kenya helping to assist with protecting their resources and assisting with fair distribution before returning to the states and settling into a job. Connor on the other hands has a life mapped out that he’s come to realize isn’t quite what he wants… he’s going to work at CH with his dad, Riley and his sister Hayley…now if he could just work up the courage to tell his dad’s that this isn’t what he wants for the rest of his life.

As River and Connor maneuver their way through the holidays with the loud, gregarious and loving Campbell-Hayes family. They also have to work their way through changing and growing emotions as their friendship becomes something more.

Just like with Riley and Jack, I really can’t decide who I liked better in this story I went back and forth between these two men for varying reasons. I loved Connor and his big generous heart and even though like River there were times that I probably would have wanted to punch him. I loved that Connor wasn’t the type to just give up and walk away. He was willing to get in River’s face with his worries and concerns and when River tried to walk away Connor followed, letting River know that he wasn’t alone and there was someone who really and truly cared. I loved River’s strength no matter what life threw at him he kept going, kept trying and working to have something better for himself.

People are so much more than the sum of their past and River truly personifies this…it’s not our past that defines us but where we go and how we get there that shows the world the measure of who we are. River was strong and resilient. He may not have always done the right thing, but he never gave up and he didn’t let himself be defined by a past that for him only held pain and disappointment.

Now for the rest of the new stuff...let's talk far Ms Scott's 'Texas' series is up to 9 books all of which are out on audio and all of which are narrated by Sean Crisden. So this is the point at which I can fan girl a bit because not only am I an avid fan of the author I am an avid fan of this narrator. 


I own somewhere around 30 audio books narrated by Sean, I can't say that I've listened to close to 30 because some of these books have been listened to multiple times and not just because I like the stories although that does, I also enjoy listening to Mr. Crisden's narration of said stories.


I admit it, I have several audio books that I've only listened to once even though I really, really enjoyed the story. Unfortunately, what fell short for me was the narration so chances are I may one day listen to them again...maybe, but unlike Sean Crisden and a select group of other narrators I probably won't be listening to them so many times that I can practically recite the book with can be the best story you've ever heard but it takes the right narrator to draw you in over and over and over again and for me the combination of RJ Scott and Sean Crisden guarantees this happening.



An audio book of "Home For Christmas" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.